Emily Fonseca

Black and white lifestyle portrait of Emily Fonseca from Framed by Emily business studio
Photo by: 
Ramon Guerrieri

Emily Fonseca

Framed by Emily
4 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

My name is Emily, I’m a Brazilian professional photographer and I live in the Netherlands! :)

I was born in 1992 and I remember spending many days of my childhood seeing the family albums over and over as if it could keep a moment with magic and visit it several times.

​I love people and their characteristics so I can say that there is not even a day where I'm not creating or thinking about creating something. Routines have always been very tedious for me, so I decided to leave my experience as a pharmacist in the past and to become a professional photographer. I traded the heat of Rio de Janeiro for Amsterdam in 2017, and here I live with my fiancé and two beloved cats.

​Platform boots, skinny jeans, and messy hair describe me perfectly. And food. Oh, I can't think about living without chocolate.

​For 4 years I used the name EGAC Photos [Emily's Got a Camera] but in 2019 I decided that my company needed a new identity, then Framed by Emily was born.

My work is extremely rewarding and is my biggest fuel because I am always meeting people with different nationalities, stories, and cultures.

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