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Have you been trying to find an Apulia lifestyle photographer? Do you want to record your family in portraits that capture time and feeling? When you choose one of our first-class lifestyle photographers to do your next solo teen or maternity session or hire one for a stress-free couple or family portrait session, the photographer will document the authentic spirit of your family in pictures you will value for years.  The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Italy:

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Naples Lifestyle Photographer, Luigi Reccia

Photographing for me means capturing a moment between two moments, and giving it to eternity, stopping time. The first thing I clearly remember is when at the age of 6 I started to draw copying from a Mickey Mouse comic book. From then my entire life has been linked to visual art. I've always been a stubborn person, this has led my life through good and bad decisions until in 2008 I decided to become a photographer. My first passion anyway has always been music, my mother and father are two rock 'n' roll souls who gave me good ears and the chance to express myself with the things I love the most. When I started shooting pictures, I started from music. I've been following local bands, gigs, and festivals for years, I've worked (I still am) in recording studios as photographer/videomaker. There never been a single day without listening at least one song in my life. Little by little I entered the wedding business, which is my main activity since 2012.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA