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Do you need a Bescançon lifestyle photographer? Do you want to record your family in inventive and refined portraits? When you welcome one of our professional lifestyle photographers into your family to do your next couple, family, teen, or maternity portrait session, you will be taking part in a tranquil photo shoot that preserves the sentiment and really lets your family’s personality shine. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Doubs:

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Besançon lifestyle and family photography by Marie Piot of Doubs France

Passionate about photography since my adolescence, I spent hours walking the streets of Paris with my reflex. But since I became a mom, what I love the most is capturing memories, moments of joy, the love of a family, Life, Real. Photography has always had an important place in my life. As a child, I watched my dad develop his photos himself. I have always had a great passion for photo albums, those of my grandparents, my parents. See and review again and again these photos that I know by heart. Discover those people in my family that I have not known, but who are part of me, of my history. Listen to my grandma tell me her story through her photos. For me, photography is a precious heritage, of inestimable value that my parents transmit to me and that I will transmit to my children. They are part of our family heritage.