Marie Piot

Besançon lifestyle and family photography by Marie Piot of Doubs France

Marie Piot

Liberty Life Photography

Passionate about photography since my adolescence, I spent hours walking the streets of Paris with my reflex.

But since I became a mom, what I love the most is capturing memories, moments of joy, the love of a family, Life, Real.

Photography has always had an important place in my life. As a child, I watched my dad develop his photos himself.

I have always had a great passion for photo albums, those of my grandparents, my parents. See and review again and again these photos that I know by heart.

Discover those people in my family that I have not known, but who are part of me, of my history.

Listen to my grandma tell me her story through her photos.

For me, photography is a precious heritage, of inestimable value that my parents transmit to me and that I will transmit to my children. They are part of our family heritage.

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