Iris Feng

Outdoor Portrait of Lifestyle Photographer Iris Feng of Mountain Leaf Photography
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Susan Zhao @ Mountain Leaf Photography

Iris Feng

Mountain Leaf Photography

Capture the Beauty of Maternity, Newborn, and Family

As a huge travel bug, Iris started her photography journey by capturing the people and places she encounters during her travels and loved telling stories with her photos. Being a photographer wasn't something Iris always thought she would do, but becoming a mama changes things. When Iris welcomed her daughter to this world, Iris realized that time goes by much faster than what she's prepared for. Kids simply grow up too fast! Taking photos of those toothless smiles, chunky cheeks and tiny hands and toes help to savor those gone-in-a-flash moments that are truly special to us -- and I look forward to capturing those special memories for your family! Inspired by Susan's Pan-American trip, Iris and her husband took a year-long journey traveling around the world.

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