Ivo Popov

Belgium Lifestyle Photographer, Ivo Popov

Ivo Popov

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I believe in love and I am in love with photography :)

I like to think that my images are simple, honest and modern. I consider myself a photojournalist looking for the real moments: emotion, joy, tears and happiness. I care about making great images, and I smile a lot :)

When I need a break, I enjoy trail running and yoga. I am not good at describing myself, so I will just mention a few things that I like: traveling and exploring, climbing mountains and skiing down them, taking long walks alone, morning runs in the forest, watching movies late at night, the smell of fresh bread, Indian food, making playlists and reading books.

I know how important memories are and I know how to best capture them, true to life, for you.