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Where better to locate your Bucharest lifestyle photographer to create portraits for your family that genuinely tell your family’s story? When you hire one of our trusted lifestyle photographers to capture your next maternity, family, couple, or teen portrait session, the results will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen and perfectly fitted to your family.  The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Romania:

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Lifestyle Photographer, Adina Felea -  for Romania and Bucharest

I've been painting for 4 years, learning how color, aesthetics, light and shadow, art. Then we found a new challenge - the photo. Through it I managed to capture pieces of the world, of my life and feelings that I then showed the world. I managed to show myself to the world myself and began to dream, create, travel and meet people. And so I discovered a new passion that has turned into a career today. I've been a cameraman over 15 years. But much of me remained faithful to photography. I like to photograph children, babies, newborns, families, events and maternity pictures.