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Where better to locate your Bucharest lifestyle photographer to create portraits for your family that genuinely tell your family’s story? When you hire one of our trusted lifestyle photographers to capture your next maternity, family, couple, or teen portrait session, the results will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen and perfectly fitted to your family.  The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Romania:

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Andreea-Cristina Rau-Neacsu is a Lifestyle Photographer for Romania and Bucharest..

I've loved stories since... forever. One memory is still vivid in my mind, me, 4-5 years old, with this book in my hand, "Horbe, the forest gnome". The interest for photography grew constantly since college until the camera became my closest companion, never leaving home without it. And so I was naturally drawn to visual storytelling and when the time came, I started documenting my son's life, those first years when everything changes so quickly that you stumble upon surprises at every step. And I couldn't stop. Pictures, albums, prints all over the house, hard-disk after hard-disk.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Lifestyle Photographer, Adina Felea -  for Romania and Bucharest

I've been painting for 4 years, learning how color, aesthetics, light and shadow, art. Then we found a new challenge - the photo. Through it I managed to capture pieces of the world, of my life and feelings that I then showed the world. I managed to show myself to the world myself and began to dream, create, travel and meet people. And so I discovered a new passion that has turned into a career today. I've been a cameraman over 15 years. But much of me remained faithful to photography. I like to photograph children, babies, newborns, families, events and maternity pictures.

Romania lifestyle photographer, Ciprian Dumitrescu

I do not think I ever dreamed of becoming a lifestyle photographer. I could say that I discovered the photo of pure chance. It was a dream to travel to the world and to know new people and places. This incident has put my camera in my hand more than 10 years ago. Until then, I did not even think I could become a photographer. Until then I changed all sorts of trades, starting with the miner in Jiu Valley, technoredactor, civil servant, graphician and I obtained a mechanical engineer diploma! But it seems that once I hit the camera, something magical happened and I was bewildered by it. I have discovered with him another way to look at the world, to travel and to know people, and slowly, my dream began to catch up. Through photography, they get to know super-fine people, nice and beautiful people and travel to wonderful places. But besides all this, being a photographer gives me the satisfaction of giving people memories for a lifetime. There are memories created together and having a drop of them in my soul!