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Krysta Cathey

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When I was around 8 years old, my dad bought me a camera and little did he know, he sparked something inside of me. He should have realized I had a "problem," by the amount of times he had to fuss over me "wasting" film, explaining it was not free, and I needed to choose my photographs with more thought.

But he didn't realize, every photograph I took meant something to me. It was something that was beautiful to me, that I wanted to freeze in time, and be able to look back to whenever I wanted.


Photography to me is taking a raw moment, a real emotion, a memory that will soon disappear and making it intangible. Something you can hold, that will take you back to a day... an emotion. That's priceless, in my opinion.

So I wasn't wasting film, I was nurturing a passion in myself that I didn't even understand.

...and so Krysta Lynne Photography was very slowly born and opened in 2011.

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