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Locate a top Chicago lifestyle photographer to create portraits for your family that tells your family’s unique and personal story. A lifestyle photographer from our site can be there to capture your next couple, teen, family, or maternity portrait session, the results will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Illinois:

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Chicago lifestyle photographer Jennifer Jackson, of IL

If you are looking for a photographer that will capture the fun, messy "stuff of life" than look no further, because that is what I do. I create frame worthy imagery that moves away from the slick studio setting in order to paint an honest portrait of your family; all of the laughs, messes, goofs, love, and excitement... I became a photographer when I was 13 and never looked back. I am a darkroom and digital photography teacher and the owner of a lifestyle and wedding photography business too. Photographing people is my jam and I am fun to be around and am really great with kids of all ages. Send me an email if this sounds like a good fit for you.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Chicago Lifestyle Photographer, Laurie Peacock

I love capturing pure, unfiltered joy. I love emotion. I thrive seeing relationships and their special intricacies that make the people in them tick. I love belly-flopping, hair-raising adoration. A sudden intake of breath. I love light reflected in eyes, especially children’s eyes. I love capturing the split second before a person suppresses an unexpected feeling that they feel too embarrassed to share. I love creating a safe environment where people can truly be the best version of themselves. I love to encourage relationships and help people create new memories together, which they will always cherish. I want to see the connection between people. Images that say more than “this is what they are doing”…a moment in which we can all relate to on some higher level. My camera unlocked a language within me that I had always understood but never knew how to speak. I can finally express all the little things I noticed around me. Can’t see what I see? Here, let me show you in this photo. I get all emotional thinking about what made me fall in love with photography: the ability to record these indelible moments to remind you that you actually lived. You loved. You were loved.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Cara Bettcher is an Indiana Lifestyle Photographer

I have always had a passion for stories and the value they hold in our lives which drove me to my career as a high school English and journalism teacher. I loved sharing old, new, weird, traditional, ANY type of story with teenagers and watching them realize more about themselves by experiencing a story. However, when my high school sweetheart husband and I had our daughter, my priorities began to change... Flash forward to present day and you will find me enjoying my life as a stay-at-home-mom and photographer. I am so excited to be taking my love of stories and applying it to my love of photography! I am a big believer that customer service and providing unique, fun experiences is part of being a good human and a good business person and will strive to give that to everyone who considers my sessions. I love meeting new people and being in challenging situations is my cup of tea so bring on the newborns, toddlers, and families of 10! I will capture it all and can’t wait to meet you!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA