Laura Aziz

East Sussex Lifestyle Photographer Laura Aziz, of England, UK
Photo by: 
Amy Rushbrook

Laura Aziz

baby, picture this

I'm Laura, the woman behind the camera at Baby, Picture This.

I live in a lilac coloured house in Brighton with my husband, my son and my daughter.

We like to hang out on the beach and fill our days reading Harry Potter and
eating Brighton's finest Ice Cream. Ask me, I'll give you a list

I am here to capture your life, your people, your loves, your places.


I photograph awesome people who want me to hang out and make art from their everyday, capturing what it feels like to be in their family.

They want something a little different, a little special. Like them.

My clients get that real life isn't always easy or black and white...
it can all get a little messy and interesting at times.

That's cool, that's where the magic is.

In exchange for a few hours of your time and your openness,
I will come and hang out with my camera and see you.

Because the days are long but the years are short.


I am nostalgic to the point of ridiculousness; it comes in handy in my line of business.

I love a good story and I want to learn yours so I can show some of it back to you. Getting it down for your history books.
I want to give you something meaningful.

Art from your everyday to display on your walls, albums to be pulled off the shelf in 20 years time, prints to keep in little boxes like treasure.

Also, I'm a hugger. FYI.