Janaina Oliveira

Janaina Oliveira Lifestyle Photographer, Brasil

Janaina Oliveira

JanaBrasil Fotografia

Janaina Oliveira, Brazilian, better known as JanaBrasil, psychoanalyst and lives in Vila Velha in Espírito Santo.

Two-and-a-half year professional photographer, specialized in Photography of Birth, participated in several WS on the subject and obtained the certificate of Practices in the Surgical Center, thus being able to exercise their profession/expertise with all the security required by the hospitals.

She photographed her first delivery in June / 2015, a month later she was invited by the obstetrician Dr. Rafael Angelo Baggieri to be part of her team, going from the 457 births registered until the present moment.

Register unforgettable moments and full of love, this is my mission!!!