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Need a little help locating a top Federal District lifestyle photographer? Hoping to connect with a pro photographer to create portraits for your family that genuinely tell your family’s story? When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to capture your next maternity, family, couple, or teen portrait session, the results will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen and perfectly fitted to your family.  The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Brasilia lifestyle photographer Ednilson Silva of Federal District, Brazil

Ednilson Silva born in Fortaleza-Ce and I chose Brasília-DF to live, graduated in marketing, married, father of a beautiful girl. I have always been passionate about photography. Today I am specialized in family lifestyle photography. I chose to portray families because I believe that family is our most precious asset and I want to provide my clients with the opportunity to have their stories kept not only in their memories but that their children feel all the emotion of remembering their childhood, reviewing their faces and mouths when it was a baby, its whimper and smile. When you choose to photograph your family, you also choose to keep relics, memories of precious objects that will be kept for generations, I feel honored to enter your home and be able to record your life as it is.

Brasil Lifestyle Photographer, Gustavo Lucena

Professional photographer since 2009, Gustavo Lucena has accumulated some international and national photography awards. With style that values ​​affective memory and photojournalism, Gustavo specializes in wedding photography, Family, Pregnant and Advertising.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Patricia Pulido Lifestyle Photographer in Brasil, Federal District

I am a Birth and Family photographer specializing in story-telling and preserving your memories. Lifestyle photography can be more than a “sit and smile” session. Rather than taking pictures in a studio I believe in capturing everyday moments in significant places that families are used to interacting with each other. Celebrate and remember who you were as a family, how those favorite places and home looked and felt at that moment in time. Life goes by so quickly, I like the idea of freezing time and help document those moments for you to look back and relive those memories forever. .. I absolutely love my job! I’m passionate about documenting a family's connection and personalities, focusing on the details that show their love through meaningful images and films to be preserved and cherished forever.

Brasil and Federal District Lifestyle Photography by Patricia Padua

Patricia is a mother and a professional photographer. Born in Lorena, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, she has lived in Brasília / DF since 2001. Driven by the desire to photograph her children's activities, she has fallen in love with photography, and since then has been studying and improving herself to record what's most especially in each moment and in each person.

Federal District and Brasília lifestyle photographer Gerlania Ribeiro de Moraes, of Brazil

Photographing families has always been my main focus and this involves childbirth, pregnant women, birthdays, children, childbirth and so many "other photographs". My lifestyle photography comes from the desire to photograph what is real, what is true and not that scenery set, cute, those poses marked, let's say I like to photograph the "mess", but this is not what the real does not have rule, but have feelings and this is what I want in my photography, show the true feeling, the story behind the photo.

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Carolina Pires, of Brazil

Hi, I'm Carol Pires! I like to talk, I like to look in the eyes, to laugh, to drink good wine, to read before bed. I ask about everything, I'm interested in the lives of others, not others on the TV, but the others you. I like to listen to stories, I like to build stories. In fact, I like people who are protagonists of life itself. When I was a child I used to play dolls. Well, anyone remembers? I used to play house, to be a mother. He was joking about having a family, having a husband and a job. And did not that happen? Today I am crazy with love for Francisco, my little puppy that is under my wing, opa! mother owl, I'm married to photographer Tulio Thomé and together we built our life that is not a commercial, phew! It's real life, as I've always wanted! And why photo? Photography is the medium I've found for more than 10 years where I find myself more comfortable doing what I love: connecting with people, having fun and looking at the beautiful! So I put everything together: photography, families, people, women, memories, colors, images, stories. This is my job and that's what I love to do!

 Maria Luisa de Aguiar Neto for Brasil Lifestyle Photography

Minas Gerais photographer, born in Belo Horizonte. I have been working with lifestyle photography since 2011, witnessing happy stories and forever moments that I am immensely grateful to participate. Every customer, an exciting story of great learning. I'm happy to be a lifestyle photographer!