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Welcome to our website, where you can find the perfect Florida lifestyle photographer to capture beautiful portraits of your family or provide professional branding portraits. Whether you're looking to create memorable family photos or need a personal branding portrait for your business, our talented photographers will capture the true essence and spirit of your loved ones or showcase your professional image.

Family photography opportunities for your Florida beach portraits are abundant in the beautiful sunshine state. Known for its scenic beaches and great weather, Florida provides the family with many locations to choose from. Inland Florida offers many award-winning state parks to photograph your family in. The National Recreation and Parks Association's Gold Medal Award was given to the state, honoring Florida as the "Nation's Best State Park Service". If you choose a national park site for your Florida family vacation photo session, the scenery can only compliment your family photos. This popular tourist state offers many other locations for your family photographer to shoot pictures. Some families may want to provide the Disney family experience as the backdrop for their portraits. Imagine the fun your lifesyle photographer could have with some Disney characters in your images. Other attractions in the state which may make for interesting Florida family photos are landmarks including the Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys. The Kennedy Space Center or even Sea World, which may enhance your Florida family photography experience.

The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Florida:

Map of Lifestyle Photographers Serving Florida

10 Available Lifestyle Photographers...

Miami lifestyle photography by Yue Pan of Pan Studio in Florida

Yue Pan is a talented lifestyle photographer who excels at capturing authentic and unguarded portraits. With his relaxed and fun-loving style, Pan effortlessly puts clients at ease, resulting in genuine and comfortable photographs. His expertise lies in documenting heartfelt connections and joyful laughter between couples, and families, and even during kids and maternity sessions.

Polina Vilkova is a Miami Florida lifestyle photographer

Enter the world of Polina Vilkóva, a gifted photographer based in Miami specializing in immortalizing love and bliss through her lens. Polina's expertise lies in lifestyle portraits, with services that include proposal, engagement, maternity, and family shoots.

Rosina DiBello is a Lifestyle Photographer

Rosina DiBello is an experienced and respected lifestyle photographer known for her artistic and versatile editorial style. With over 20 years of experience, Rosina expertly captures the essence of her clients through her dramatic and natural images. Her personalized and high-quality approach ensures that every client receives a unique and satisfying experience.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Sarasota, Florida lifestyle and family photographer Samantha Moore

Sam is a talented photographer who loves creating beautiful and unique portraits for her clients. She specializes in birth photojournalism, whimsical portraits, and beach sessions with families. Sam and her husband Matthew also provide wedding photography services worldwide, and their storytelling style has earned them awards.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Julie Ambos is a lifestyle photographer in Key West, FL

Julie Ambos, a self-taught photographer from Key West, Florida, has a passion for capturing people's true personalities in her portraits. Her interest in photography began at an early age and evolved into a lifelong commitment to creating candid and authentic images. Julie's work has earned her recognition and success in the industry. Beneath her cheerful demeanor lies a dedicated...

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sue Barr lifestyle photography for New Jersey

Sue Barr, a highly skilled lifestyle photographer, is renowned for her outstanding work in private commissions, advertising, and editorial projects. Her remarkable talent has earned her countless accolades and gallery exhibitions. With expertise in on-location and home-based portrait sessions, Sue creates an effortlessly comfortable and informal environment for her clients.

Portrait of Bryan Aleman, Knoxville Lifestyle Photographer for TN

Bryan Aleman is a talented lifestyle and documentary wedding photographer who has cherished capturing memories since his early years. With his photography, he strives to help people preserve cherished moments in life. Through continuous practice, Bryan has perfected his skills and takes pleasure in revealing the essence of individuals and their environment through distinctive and imaginative...

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
United States family portraits by lifestyle photographer Todd Graham

Specializing in family portraits, Todd Graham is a skilled lifestyle photographer with over 20 years of experience. He believes that creating a comfortable setting for his clients fosters authentic connections and results in exceptional photographs. Todd's main objective is to ensure that everyone involved in his sessions has a fun and pleasant time.

Portrait of Denise Chastain, New York Lifestyle Photographer

Denise Chastain, a lifestyle photographer, specializes in creating exquisite portraits that leave a lasting impression. Whether it is by the beach, amidst ruins, serene gardens, or nature preserves, she offers diverse location options for remarkable photo shoots.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Xin Dong, a Lifestyle Family Photographer

Xin Dong, an expert in lifestyle portraits, has an extraordinary ability to encapsulate the deep bond between couples and families. Through her expertise in family, portrait, maternity, and pre-wedding photography, she is honored to witness and contribute to the significant milestones of her clients' lives, treating them as priceless gems.

Florida Lifestyle Images by the World's Top Portrait Photographers

LSPA portrait photographers offer stunning Florida lifestyle images. Our on-location environmental portraits feature family, solo, maternity, couple, pet, business portraits, and branding sessions. Have a look at the mini thumbnail gallery for some inspiration for your own portrait session. The Lifestyle Photographers Association has highly skilled and experienced photographers who will create a beautiful portrait for you, so consider hiring a professional Florida lifestyle photographer for your next session.

Three adorable triplet brothers, enjoying a sunny day out in Miami, Florida, running around in matching plaid shirts and suspenders - the perfect picture of childhood fun
In Deerfield Beach, Florida, a lifestyle photo session was taken of an embracing couple with the tide of the surf washing up around their feet, in black and white
Portrait of a child at the beach in Destin, Florida under a dramatic sky
A Sarasota mother and daughter take a moment just for them at their beach session as the sun sets over Florida
A Sarasota husband and wife dance down a beach path during a maternity shoot in Florida
Three siblings near an oil tank surrounded by hay bales and pumpkins in Miami, FL
Sarasota lifestyle portrait photography of a Sweet baby taking in all the fresh sights and sounds at the beach
Lifestyle family photography from Sarasota showing a baby with her dog
This is a lifestyle photo from Miami of the mom during Maternity shot on the sand in the storm
Hollywood Beach Lifestyle Photographer created this Miami artistic portrait at the beach all alone
Artistic Florida Lifestyle Photography of a young child in the wild
Orlando Mom & daughter sitting on fountain sharing a precious moment during this Florida Lifestyle photo session

Florida Business Portraits and Branding

Our Florida lifestyle photographers specialize in creating stunning environmental portraits that capture the true essence of a business. Our photographers will work with you to create a unique visual story that encapsulates the character of your business. We understand how important it is to build an accurate representation of your business that will help you stand out from the competition. Our portrait sessions are designed to make you look your best, and will incorporate elements that reflect both your personal style and your brand.

Florida Couple Portraits

Pre-wedding portrait sessions are a great way for couples to capture their union before the wedding day. These sessions are typically done on location, and the couple can choose a scenic spot that is special to them. One of our Florida lifestyle portrait photographers will guide the couple through a series of poses and activities that will bring out their personalities and capture their genuine love. At the end of the session, the couple will have a collection of beautiful images that will immortalize their relationship and the excitement of the upcoming wedding. From the laughter of the couple during a silly moment to the romantic embrace of a love that will last a lifetime, these pre-wedding portraits will represent the couple’s love story and their journey together. Images from United States couple portrait sessions can be an ideal gift to give your parents or grandparents.

Florida Maternity Portraits

The power of pregnancy is incomparable. Whether you are having your first child or your fifth child, you deserve to feel beautiful and showcase your confidence as a woman who is growing life within her. To preserve this moment in time, you should hire a pro Florida lifestyle portrait photographer for a maternity portrait session. When taken in an outdoor setting, your photographer can use the natural surroundings to complement the intrinsic beauty of pregnancy. From whimsical solo portraits in the woods to relaxed and playful portraits of you and your partner in a park, there are unlimited opportunities for maternity photo sessions in Florida.

Florida Family Portraits

There is nothing quite like the love shared between a family. From the tender devotion of parents who are rearing young kids to the endless pride of multi-generational families, there is beauty to be found in every family, no matter how small or large it is. Florida lifestyle picture sessions are the best way to showcase your life’s greatest masterpiece — your family. An experienced Lifestyle Photographer can photograph your family safely in an outdoor surroundings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting a location for your portrait session. Whether you want a spanning skyline behind you to create an urban vibe or you would rather have creative portraits taken with the mountains and lakes in the distance, a professional photographer of the LSPA can help pose your family to perfection.

Florida Solo Portraits

There are many times in life where you simply need a dignified and poignant portrait of yourself. By investing in Florida lifestyle picture sessions with a professional photographer, you can get the images that you need to build your brand, promote your organization or take your career to the next level. Whether you opt to have the session on the beach or in your own backyard, you will find that these outdoor locations result in crisp, clean images that show the real version of yourself. You are more likely to feel relaxed and confident in an outdoor setting, and those emotions will shine through in the final images. Solo portraits are ideal for many purposes, including modeling headshots, social media portraits, or professional photographs for your business.

Florida Teen Portraits

The teenage years can be a tumultuous phase, but it’s also a stage of life that is filled with milestone moments and coming-of-age experiences. Teen portraits taken by a professional Florida lifestyle photographer can commemorate this fleeting period of life, in which it seems like each day moves faster than the last. If your teen leads an active lifestyle, a lifestyle photographer can take action portraits of them enjoying their favorite sport. In addition, a teen who is about to graduate from high school or who is coming of age in their own way may appreciate portraits that showcase the authentic version of themselves. These powerful portraits can build confidence and instill conviction in your teen as they move forward into adulthood.