Fleur Janssen

Gelderland lifestyle and family portraits by Fleur Janssen of Netherlands

Fleur Janssen

Studio Fleur Janssen

In Tilburg, I completed my HBO photography education, after which I became the proud owner of Studio Fleur Janssen in 2000.

Now I regularly follow courses to continue to develop myself as a photographer.

Besides the love for photography, I have a passion for theater and music. Als regularly performs as a singer or actress.

From calm ballads to party music and smart claps. Nice and crazy, and it fits well in combination with my photography.

I live in Lent and am married to Rogier. Together we have three beautiful kids. Our star Valentijn, Thijme and Pim. I love to sing and dance with my sons. And of course, I take a lot of pictures of them.

With two wonderfully busy people at home, I am far from having enough of children. As you can see from the photos below, I can transform myself in many capacities and make many children's faces smile. Don't panic, I won't appear at the photoshoot.

On a project basis, I am regularly allowed to teach photography, art, and music in primary schools.

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