Maxine Stevens

Portrait of East Flanders and Gent lifestyle photographer Maxine Stevens, of Belgium

Maxine Stevens

When Oliver was born, I had a really hard time with the speed of life. It seemed as if an entire life had flown by in one week. And so it was.

I dreamed of a pause button. That everything would go a little slower to enjoy his little toes and cute smiles just a little longer. That everything could stand still for a moment, right through the baby rush.

I was afraid of forgetting bits of his life. From beauty, to the small milestones of every day.
It seemed as if other mums were doing everything so well. They could tell the growth of their baby very precisely, per week, per kilogram. I couldn't do that. I had other things on my mind: new ideas, my own wishes. I was trapped between my drive on the one hand and my desire to enjoy my baby bubble on the other.

The first months with Charlie were a world of difference. This second time I could enjoy my postpartum period. I now know how to MAKE time instead of running after life. I can intensely enjoy my family life and my boys.

Every moment is valuable. The most beautiful smile on Sunday morning. A mouth full of chocolate, dancing through the living room in pajamas. The secret painting on our newly whitewashed wall.
How fantastic and beautiful is it to give this feeling to other mums and dads too? I believe that every parent can consciously enjoy the first moments as a family. Because how unique are those first months of life ... Once you know how you can experience and hold on to this time, you can always relive the little moments. Being able to enjoy your maternity time forever, how special is that.