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Are you trying to locate a Grand Est lifestyle photographer? Do you want to record your family in spectacular and classy family portraits? When you hire one of our knowledgeable lifestyle photographers to do your next teen, family, maternity, or couple portrait session, you will receive images that showcase you and your loved ones in your everyday setting. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of France:

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Portrait of France and Grand Est Lifestyle Photographer Cecile Nardi, of Moselle

I am C├ęcile Nardi, photographer under the name of Lili Fleury Photography. Since my early childhood, I am immersed in photography, my mother was a photographer in an advertising agency and passed on her passion to me. I take great pleasure in creating through my images real complicity to immortalize the delicacy of the moment, it is essential for me to capture the ephemeral singularity of emotion. Artifices are limited in my images, to focus on you, your expressions, your joys, and your story. During your contact, I pay particular attention to prepare the session by exchanging with you. Looking forward to making you live a unique experience full of joys and good moods.

Grand Est - Alsace lifestyle photography by Aurore Mottet, of France

Photography was taught to me at the age of 20 with a self-taught Portraitist from my area, it was a revelation I had finally found a wonderful way to make People Happy and show them how beautiful they are. I started my business 7 years ago now. Specialized in "Natural & Fun" Portrait ... I'm in love with Studio & Lifestyle. my favorite phrase about the Photo, which has also allowed to create my logo is "I click when my Heart dictates to my Finger" She sums up to herself alone how instinct and moment are mixed in my opinion in my work...

Portrait of Alsace lifestyle photographer Caroline Buri - Family studio for Grand Est, France

Photographer for almost 7 years, bubbly, and full of life, I love to put on my sneakers and go running with my French bulldog, Married for 10 years now, I have a wonderful husband who helps me a lot on a daily basis, and especially to fit out my new studio, Wonder-Mom of 2 boys 11 and 6 years old, Godmother of 2 overly cute princesses, and Auntie of a little pirate, children are part of my life and that without them I will feel very alone. Because life goes by too fast, Because you can hardly see any photos of you and your sweetheart, or sometimes some blurry selfies on your smartphone, Because kids are growing up so fast, and we never get enough photos of them. For me, it's essential to create a photographic heritage that you can watch over and over again, which you can pass on to your children, to your grandchildren. But not just a photo! A photo that freezes the moment, which transcribes the feelings which you feel for each other, which emphasizes the character of each one. A living and natural photo that will remind you of memories and above all that will match you. For this after your baby's 18 months, the Family photo sessions take place outdoors. The outside allows us to play together, to let your children free to develop and to show me all the facets of their personality. And that, so that your photos look like you. Whether it's sunny, foggy or windy, your love for your family is the same and that's what I want to freeze with my photos.

Meurthe-et-Moselle Lifestyle Photographer, Myriam Ravoni

I have been a family photographer since 2010. I have a photojournalistic, documentary approach. Photographing the everyday, the small details, is for me very important, essential, because these are our memories, real memories. I like light and emotions. I am a mother of 3 children, and I know how important everyday memories are, time goes too fast, children grow up too fast.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Alsace Lifestyle Photographer Lauriane Pujo, of Grand Est France

I accompany families to create & keep images of their moments of the bond. It is essential for me to celebrate everyday life. To celebrate it in its simplicity and authenticity. This is why I attach particular importance to the relationship that we will build together. Understanding your family, your ties, will allow me to create photographs that look like you and that you will want to look at for decades. Carried away by our daily lives, we forget how time flies. We forget the games we shared with our child a few months ago, we forget how far we have come. However, our daily lives build us day after day. This is why I am keen to remind you that it is important to celebrate everyday life and to keep track of it. Together, we will write your story, your feelings, your ties, so that you keep a visual heritage that tells your family in all its uniqueness. Lauriane reveals herself ... Back to school 2010 Admission to BTS Photography (Roubaix, 59). Spring 2011 Internship at the Parisian studio Le Petit Oiseau will be going out then retouching internship with photographer Franck Camhi. Fall 2011 Internship with Lisa Carletta, fashion photographer in Brussels. Summer 2012 Obtaining the Certificate of Higher Technician in Photography 2012 - 2013 Assistant to fashion photographer Lisa Carletta in Brussels. 2014 - 2015 Travel to Australia & Nepal with my backpack! Discovery of the Australian Outback where I lived for 6 months. Roadtrip the east coast. Then, direction the cultural "shock" so wanted by surveying Nepal for 1 month. Spring 2015 The desire to travel is still there, I volunteer at the Alpen Retreat yoga center in the Austrian Alps. Summer 2015 Back in my hometown, Mulhouse where I become a food photographer for an advertising agency. Spring 2017 I become a mom. Winter 2018 Creation of my company to immortalize the magic moments of your everyday life.

Lucille Gaumard, Metz Lifestyle and Family Photographer

Hello, it's me, Lucille! I am 32 but I keep a child's soul. That's probably why I love photographing children and families. I started photography during a family gathering, doing a kind of family documentary without knowing it. I fell in love with live and instant portrait and decided to go professional and spend more time doing what I love.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA