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Would you like to finish your search for your Guadalajara lifestyle photographer? Would you like to record your family in gorgeous and cheery portraits? When you choose one of our carefully selected lifestyle photographers to do your next maternity, couple, teen, or family portrait session, the photographs you will receive will be irreplaceable! The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Spain:

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Eva Gascon is a Lifestyle Photographer for families in Spain and Madrid

Yes, explorer. I go with my camera under my arm in search of the most intimate and unrepeatable moments that are created in families: breastfeeding, the ritual of bathing, napping together ... and with them the laughter, the cries, the whims, the hugs . And it is because, for a while now, I am surrounded, and captivated, not only by the children, but also by mothers, fathers, grandparents and uncles, who every day show me the emotions and bonds that a family can generate. And there I am, capturing the connections that are created in that precise, and precious, instant.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA