Lesley-Anne Young

Lesley-Anne Young is a UK lifestyle photographer from Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Photo by: 
Richy McKendrick

Lesley-Anne Young

Aperture Lane Photography

My love for photography though started a little over 11 years ago, when I got my first film SLR. Starting off retro in the 'Dark Room', developing my own film + printing my own images, I then progressed to the Digital Era, gaining a Diploma in Professional Photography.

No matter the occasion, it is our aim to capture the truly genuine and perfectly imperfect moments, which make the 'everyday' extraordinary!

From laughing faces to sincere exchanges of love, we ensure that these moments are captured in a quiet and unforced manner, we have a particular preference to prompt our subjects over posing them. At Aperture Lane we believe this approach helps to make any final portfolio of images truly stand out from the crowd!

*The Photography Institute Graduate
*Charter Member, Lifestyle Photographers Association
*Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer
*PVG Certification

3 Awards for Lifestyle Photography