Anais Nannini

Jura lifestyle photographer Anais Nannini of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte France

Anais Nannini

Anaïs Nannini Family Photography

Hello, this is Anaïs,

I am a lover of people and light, a tea drinker, my passport is ready for the next destination, I like to browse the flea markets // the old houses, make my homemade products, and favor local crafts.

I am in turn, the sister, the girl, the little girl, the lifestyle photographer, the leader & the project follower, the friend ... I am a big dreamer, an optimist and ambitious.

I try to capture every little bit of life, to be authentic, to be curious and caring ...

It is for all that that I like to accompany you, to capture the details and the emotions of your family.

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