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Have you been seeking a Liège lifestyle photographer? Do you want to create memories for your family in a stress-free portrait session?  When you bring one of our Wallonie lifestyle photographers into your family to do your next maternity, teen, family, or couple portrait session, you will be photographed in a way that is natural to you, without the responsibility of pulling off stiff or staged scenes.   The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Belgium:

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Liège Lifestyle Photographer Alena Lex-Deckers of Wallonie, Belgium

What I like: Share the emotion, revive it around an image, escape from everyday life, move, meet new people, immortalize highlights. I like to be able to express my creative side through photography. Above all, I like the relation to the other, in all its facets. I like the emotions, the feelings and then see on the faces the force or the softness with which they express themselves. Share a moment of happiness with you, a parenthesis, be the accomplice and privileged witness of this moment and you will reflect the most just possible image, in its singularity. Why talk about “Lifestyle” sessions? This term simply means that these are sessions whose purpose is to offer you photos of you in natural conditions, seek spontaneity while guiding you. “Lifestyle” photo lances take place in a location chosen by you. It will be a place that looks like you, that speaks to you, that you appreciate, or even simply at home, in your daily life. It is a moment where we can laugh, run, discover, share moments of life quite simply.