Marta Ilardo

Family portrait of England and London lifestyle photographer Marta Ilardo of the United Kingdom

Marta Ilardo

Marta Ilardo Photography
Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

Hi, I’m Marta and I’m a lifestyle photographer based in London and Athens.

Photography is my way of thinking, my way of seeing the world. I have a love for natural light and true emotions, real connections and authentic moments. I love to laugh with your wild children, explore with your serious adventurer or be still with your quiet observer. Our session is about you and your family and creating images that tell your story.

I started photographing weddings as a way to support myself while doing my MA in photography (more years ago then I care to admit) and it stayed with me, more or less thorough all these years.

You probably want to also know that I’m very relaxed and you will not get any stress from me during your portrait session.