Gislene Souza

Portrait of Minas Gerais lifestyle photographer Gislene Souza, of Brazil

Gislene Souza

Gi Fotografia

Hi! I'm Gi, Gislene. Wife of Maxi, miner of Gov Valadares, passionate about coffee, flowers, simple people, and incredible stories. I dedicate to photography at 3 years. The other day I wondered how photography came into my life. Reviewing old albums with the family, I came across a "dating session" of my sister and boyfriend (now husband), recorded by me with an analog camera (movie 36 haha ​​poses). A few days ago I received a message from a cousin: "Gi, do not you know what I found here? Some photos you took mine there in the backyard" haha ​​(this we had between 10 and 12 years). I say more, looking at my father's cell phone, I see photos of "everything" rs, cats, flowers, landscapes, my grandmother, my mother day by day, my grandchildren, my photos, my brothers and etc ... He is a collector of moments, of memories, of stories (I inherited it from him). Anyway, I think photography has come into my life forever. What it means to me, goes way beyond a printed image or view on the computer/cell screen. I really like the stories behind every recorded moment. And if you let me, we can make stories together! Thank you for the time you took to get to know my corner! Bjo Gi!

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