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Are you searching for the best in Munich lifestyle photography? Would you like to have an artistic portrait session for teen, family, couple, or maternity? Welcome to the German Lifestyle Photographers Association.

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Germany, Bavaria and Munich are home to family photographer Ingrid Firmhofer

As a photojournalist, I am naturally curious about people and everything. That´s why I don´t like to specialize. I love to photograph music and dance, weddings, families, erotic and mystic beauty, nature, etc. and all this in different social classes, places and cultures. I started my career as photojournalist in 2002 and worked in a lot of different countries. Soon I worked for international newspapers, magazines, music albums, as well as leading global companies. I also did the editorial shootings for eight books exclusively. I am highly sensitive for beauty, authenticity, emotions, light, music, etc. and at the same time outgoing. That´s why I can get close and people still relax because they feel that they can trust me. A magazine which wrote about my work put it like this: “Looking at her photos you don´t feel like an outside voyeur, but a friend amidst the action.”

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Romania lifestyle photographer, Ciprian Dumitrescu

I do not think I ever dreamed of becoming a lifestyle photographer. I could say that I discovered the photo of pure chance. It was a dream to travel to the world and to know new people and places. This incident has put my camera in my hand more than 10 years ago. Until then, I did not even think I could become a photographer. Until then I changed all sorts of trades, starting with the miner in Jiu Valley, technoredactor, civil servant, graphician and I obtained a mechanical engineer diploma! But it seems that once I hit the camera, something magical happened and I was bewildered by it. I have discovered with him another way to look at the world, to travel and to know people, and slowly, my dream began to catch up. Through photography, they get to know super-fine people, nice and beautiful people and travel to wonderful places. But besides all this, being a photographer gives me the satisfaction of giving people memories for a lifetime. There are memories created together and having a drop of them in my soul!