Yao Zhang

Portrait of lifestyle photographer Yao Zhang holding her camera

Yao Zhang


I am the passionate storyteller behind the lens. Based in Secaucus, NJ, I work with clients around NJ and NY.

I love watching movies and documentaries. In those great ones, each frame is a breathtaking photo. Wandering in museums and exhibitions is also something I enjoy a lot.

I believe good photos show the real and emotive moments that speak to the heart. In order to achieve that, I would step back most of the time and let your story shine. My sessions are laid back, so you can feel comfortable and bring your personality out.

Different lights, weather, and setting create different moods. Iā€™m happy to photograph you at any time of the day ā€“ full sun or golden hour; under different weather conditions ā€“ overcast, bright sun, rain, or snow; and at any location you feel comfortable with ā€“ a bustling downtown, a beautiful park or simply stay at home. I enjoy them all.

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