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Searching for your Ohio lifestyle photographer? Hoping to craft exceptional portraits for your family that are authentic to who you are? We're here to help! When you hire one of our exclusive lifestyle photographers to capture your next maternity, couple, family, or teen portrait session, the photographer will take special care to truly tell your story through the lens.  

A Midwestern state and a part of the Great Lakes Region, Ohio sits as a beautiful crossroads both culturally and geographically. This state offers picturesque family destinations with its rolling hills throughout the land. To the north lies the Great Lakes Plains, where Ohio borders with Lake Erie, making for memorable lakeside, gorgeous family photography opportunities. Your family pictures will also stand out as they are taken among Ohio’s varied regions: the Till Plains in the west, the Appalachian Plateau in the east, the Bluegrass Region in the south. Ohio has plenty of rivers to consider for your family photography sessions including the Ohio River, which borders the state in the south, and the Cuyahoga River, Muskingum River, Great Miami River, Maumee River, and the Scioto River. Your family lifestyle photographer will have numerous creative opportunities to shoot your pictures on the flowing landscape that Ohio has to offer.

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Portrait of Megan Resch, Louisville, Kentucky Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer

I'm an artist. I love to make things, sew things, paint things, knit things. We are nature lovers. We hike, bike, kayak, hang out in hammocks, camp & explore. I'm trying to become a gardener! I'm also trying to become a foodie, but pbjs & pizza are just sooo good! I love to travel, whether back roads or out of the country, and I'm a photographer. I feel so lucky to have found my passion so early in life. I majored in photojournalism (& ceramics) in college. friends asked me to photograph their weddings & I was done, stick a fork in me! I was a documentary wedding photographer. I'm usually pretty loud, with my cackle n all, but being a quiet observer & capturing incredible moments in someone's life is one of my most favorite things to do.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA