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Need a touch of help with finding your Parana lifestyle photographer? Looking for a top pro photographer to freeze emotions, and time for your family in a natural environment? When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to do your next maternity, senior, couple, or family portrait session, you will receive authentic and unique images that tell a story that is true to you.   The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Portrait of Parana lifestyle photographer Heloisa Todescatt, of Brazil

Hi, I'm Heloisa Todescatt, better known as Helô. Academic advertising and advertising that loves cappuccino and chocolate from the bottom of the heart. I am passionate about trips, I like changes, decoration, series and spending the weekends in big centers. Besides lifestyle photography, another hobby that is very pleasant for me is to write. For much to read and to imagine, many posts here are accompanied by verses, stories, short stories, very modest and author. I knew the photography around the age of 10, and since then I have dedicated myself to seeking, knowing and understanding this world and everything it brings. My 15-year-old princess gift was a camera of my own, and from there I timidly started photographing family events. Things were happening and going well, and at 16 I decided to take as a profession, a hobby that grew up with me.

Marcia Kohatsu is a Brasil based lifestyle photographer serving Curitiba and Parana

I am made of stories and therefore I love to observe everything and to live life intensely so that I can have so many good stories to tell. And the photograph showed me this way, how to tell these narratives, mine, yours and everyone I meet on the way. Being able to record their trajectories and to follow a little of the life of each one that looks for me is something that I do with much love, seeking to honor every encounter, every memory. Being able to make a record of your life with a look that runs away from the obvious and that allows your emotions to be felt every time you look at your pictures is what I want to do.

Belem lifestyle photography by Nina Castro of Para Brazil

I discovered the photography after my wedding, since then I've kept studying, working and exploring this incredible world. Furthermore, I believe that photography can bring us memories, sensations, smells, and tastes. I love real photography, when we have relaxed smiles, Sundays with family, grated knees, hose baths and love hugs!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA

Hi! Today I am a photographer, mother, RTV, passionate about portraits, stories, and stories ... From a very young age, I found myself delighted in the photo sessions that I went with my mother. I remember always walking with a camera in my hand, leaving the crazy friends to hear so much let's take a picture?! But it was during my adolescence that it sparked a passion for photography. I remember the delight of sitting and listening to stories Grandma told us, always illustrated with the most varied stories, written with unknown names and super old dates behind each portrait. I am the mother of Adam. Together we like to travel and travel. We went to the Himalayas, through the African savannah, and we knew the land of Mickey, and once we went to the moon!!! All this without leaving our yard. We like to live in a world where everything is possible, a magical universe where closing our eyes and believing is easy to find. Family moments are precious and being able to follow the development of this love is extremely rewarding. Being able to be part of these special moments, made me understand that photography is more than a souvenir.

Parana and Curitiba Lifestyle Photographer Isabella Moscatelli, of Brasil

My name is Isabella, photographer and mother. It was the motherhood that brought the photograph to my life, and so I discovered how valuable are the records I can afford to make. The photograph chose me because I could see through my glasses, passions previously unseen, and so I chose to work only with what we take of the most valuable in this life that is our family, children, friends, important moments. Because moments are eternal only in our memories, through photography, I can eternalize them forever.

Brasil and Parana lifestyle photography by Evelen Torrens

Hello, my name is Evelen and I want to be a photographer of your family. I have already passed the 30 years, advertising diploma with praise, "life loka of marketing" and its deadlines crazy. The sky was not the limit until the day I generated 2 lives at the same time, which challenged me to see the real meaning of life's value. No doubt, the challenge that cornered me in the corner of the wall. I found myself fighting for my life. I watched my children fight for their lives. I saw life almost run down between my fingers. I saw that the sky was the limit and it had to be respected. I saw myself a mother and it changed my life. I've been photographing since college days (2003). I photographed important moments of friends and family - fundamental in this journey, but I had never taken seriously "this photography business". Until ... I became a full - time mother, 30 a.m. a day. Mother does overtime without pay. Life gained color, passion, gratitude in the small details, laughter without commitment and tears without an hour. In short: Life has gained SENSE. Photographing the pregnant woman happened to be a rescue of life, of my life. To register the development of the baby is to be moved with the mother by the gift of love for that being. Photographing other people's birthday was a celebration of my life. For me, photography is love, untouchable truth, and feeling.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Franciane Bubniak, Parana Lifestyle Photographer for Brasil

I'm Fran, I'm a photographer of families based in Curitiba (Brazil) and I want to tell stories of love and inspiration all over the world. In my lifestyle photos, I try to show all the emotions and feelings with which your life happens. Without poses, without inserting scenery or props, I want to photograph your life as it is: natural, beautiful, joyful! My specialty? I specialize in photographing those breathtaking moments! Let me record your moment?

Parana and Curitiba Lifestyle Photography by Gustavo Sousa, of Brasil

Gustavo Sousa works in the area of family photography since 2011. He teaches workshops in the area of newborn and photography direction, besides being a speaker and having a YouTube channel.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brazil photographer Cheng Nam Van has a photography career in family photojournalism and weddings.

In the Faculty of International Relations I never imagined that one day I would be working with photographs. My dream was to have a Foreign Trade company, be a trader, sell commodities and industrial machines, and be able to travel and know the world outside. In 2007, all that changed when I did an overseas language exchange. In the first few months, I felt the need to document and record all this experience with the cell phone and to keep as a souvenir. Over time, the quality of the photos no longer met my needs and I decided to buy a semi professional camera. Since I did not know anything about photography or camera functions, I had to read the manual about 3 times. I was self-taught. My first photographic models were the Lion's Teeth, that little plant that blows the seeds in the wind. It was with their help that I experienced and understood the photographic techniques. For this reason, it is present in my logo today. Over time, the taste for photography became more and more intense and pleasurable. I could no longer imagine myself in an office, wearing a suit and spending all day worrying about the bureaucratic things about the profession.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Aline Moreno, lifestyle photographer for all of Parana and Curitiba.

I use all my sensibility to photograph as faithfully and naturally as possible. I understand as a privilege, the opportunity I have to witness moments of CARING and unconditional love. I believe in storytelling photography. And I will LOVE to register yours!

Portrait of Parana lifestyle photographer Fernanda Navarro Marin - Brazil

My name is Fernanda Navarro Marin, I'm 28 years old and I graduated from Pharmacy. I am passionate about photography and the emotions that these images send us! The idea of ​​"In That Moment" came a long time along with my passion for photography, but only a short time ago I was able to put it into practice. Feel free to peek into every corner of the site and take the time to travel through the delightful stories behind the portraits. I hope to meet you soon for a click !! Big kiss!

Curitiba lifestyle photography by Adrieli Cancelier, of Parana, Brazil

I'm Adrieli Cancelier, but you can call me Adri or Aunt Adri :) I am a professional lifestyle photographer of families in Curitiba, but first of all, I register the bonds. I was born in Criciúma and it took me to adapt in Curitiba, but today I feel like a complete Guri from Curitiba. I'm 30 years old, a Marketing graduate, a chocolate addict, married to my sweetheart Andrius, the lovely 2-year-old Benjamin's aunt and I'm dreaming of the excitement of registering families. My dream is to become a mother. My passion is my family and the moments with the people that I love, I never deny a moment to be with them and laugh until they hurt the belly. Maybe by now, you know, but I love writing. I'm a pseudo-cinephile, I love movies, popcorn, coffee, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I love shooting in the winter, but I hate the cold. I love salty and hot summer skin, crispy hair, sea noise. When I think about my childhood I see children lying on the sun-baked asphalt at night, I see hands clasped, I see hugs, I see many smiles, I always see a baby nearby and I see a guava tree. I'm rather shy and do not look for experiences that I'm not comfortable with, but I have a great ability to connect with people, especially with children. I've been surrounded by them all my life. I thrive on hearing new stories and telling old stories. I love traveling and exploring every corner. I like to observe the small details and keep them in my memory. I have a good memory. I started photographing my own family when I was a kid. I collected money and bought a yellow analog camera with a film reel. I photographed my mom and dad sitting on the couch at home, me and my sister taking a shower and my doll collection. I packed everything into a little box and those memories became relics to me. I specialize in natural light, but the truth is that I no longer think of the light while I am photographing. I'm just as watchful, keeping that scene on my camera. I think more of the light when I'm not working, but if the scene is too beautiful I turn off my camera and save that moment just for me. I chose to photograph only families and children's parties in 2013, as I believe that these family affective memories help in the process of self-knowledge and strengthening the bonds of the child and the family. I am in favor of education based on experience and respect for the child. Our lives are like trees, where each memory is a fragile and beautiful leaf about to fall. So I chose to photograph only what is yours, at home or outdoors in a sunny environment. "I honestly believe there are things that no one would see if I had not photographed them." -Diane Arbus

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Curitiba family and lifestyle photographer Keisy Loryn Comandulli, of Parana, Brazil

Married and in love with life and my family. Photography is not only the profession I have chosen, but it is also an unconditional love, which brings me pleasure with each essay, every event, and every click. I live in photography, but my biggest concern is to register the moment in a way full of love, affection, and truth so that my clients have their moments eternalized, so I do not consider only that I do a job but an immense pleasure. I did not choose just one area to follow, because in all of them I find a true way of recording that moment. Everything that involves family, love, truth, and joy is what I want for my glasses and that is why I always commit myself to make my images speak for themselves. I do not consider myself the best photographer, nor am I the best-known professional still have a lot to learn, but I can say with certainty that I am a true and loving person in what I do to register his most beautiful moments. I have my style, my look and my way of photographing, not as I say the rules, but as my heart commands.

Curitiba Lifestyle Photography by Taciana Trevisan, for Parana families.

I’m Taciana, I live in Curitiba-Pr, Brazil, I’m a mother of two teenagers, graduated in Business Administration and Family Photographer professionally since 2006, because I bring with me the love and the experience with photography since I was a child. What I love is to register special moments, moments that don’t come back and, in the future, will gift us with love and affection. That spontaneous smile, a warm hug or a child's play. Photography is family’s heritage... our life, our history.

Brasil and Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer Gustavo Neumann

Hello! Pleasure, I'm Gustavo, professional photographer and passionate about my family, friends, animals, travel, coffee, and music. The simplest things in life! With more than 5 years of profession, I photographed several places in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and Cuiabá / MT, adding more than 40 works. Based on photojournalism and my way of seeing photography, I try to show with my photos the simplest things, such as looks, gestures, expressions and, above all, feel. Photography is about you and the people you love. There is nothing more precious than that.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sete Lagoas Lifestyle Photography by Leandro Malaquias, of Minas Gerais, Brasil

I was born in the city of Sete Lagoas, MG, my first professional contact as a photographer was with the wedding photography in 2009. Since then, I have started a search for new experiences in different segments of photography such as photography of graduations and events, image editor and teacher of photography helped me broaden my knowledge and set a course of action within the photographic universe. Today I am a family photographer of documentaries, family events, photography teacher and passionate about nature photography and travel. My goal is to produce images that contain real stories of people's important moments, create memories ... and share knowledge.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil Lifestyle Photographer, Marina Ficcio - Sao Paulo.

Bachelor in Photography by SENAC-SP. She interned in the newspaper DCI in São Paulo, photographing social events and portraits. She also worked as an assistant for still photographers. In 2014 she went to Ireland to do an exchange and there he developed personal projects and works in documentary and landscape photography. Returning to her hometown, Jaú, in 2017, started working with family documentary photography, where she spent the day or a few hours with her family portraying the reality of day to day images.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
 Maria Luisa de Aguiar Neto for Brasil Lifestyle Photography

Minas Gerais photographer, born in Belo Horizonte. I have been working with lifestyle photography since 2011, witnessing happy stories and forever moments that I am immensely grateful to participate. Every customer, an exciting story of great learning. I'm happy to be a lifestyle photographer!

Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photography by Zeto Teloken

I am Zéto Telöken, passionate about people, art and lifestyle photography. This passion combined with enthusiasm and admiration influences me in a very natural way, and this is part of my life and my family because we are involved in photography every day. That's why I dedicate myself to this art with sensitivity and love, so that every detail and expression will never go unnoticed. My concept of photography is based on Photojournalism. I seek knowledge with renowned national and international names in wedding photography, enhancing creativity and look and at no time do my actions interfere with the naturalness of events. Photographing, telling stories through images and being part of unique and intense moments give me much joy and fulfillment.