Estelle Lefevre

Studio portrait of Paris lifestyle photographer Estelle Lefevre, of Ile-de-France

Estelle Lefevre

In Wonderland Photography

Hi, I’m Estelle ! 30 years old for a long time now.

I like to eat Nutella, and dip Speculoos in my tea. I don’t like to stand in line at the cinema or the car horn. When I go to the market I like to eat a slice of sausage and a piece of cheese. I love pasta, cooked all sauces. I hate having pepper up my nose, and I don’t like spicy dishes.

I like to laugh...Out loud!
I like to tell stories, your story. I like to immortalize your natural when you don’t see me. I like when you pose, or him, or her, or them. I like when you are beautiful when you are ugly too; when you laugh and when you cry. I like when you’re mini, big, old. I like your wrinkles.
I don't take myself too seriously, but I always do things seriously. I love having fun.

And I like photography too.

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