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Searching for a top Porto Alegre lifestyle photographer? Wanting some quality family portraits you will treasure for a lifetime? When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to do your next teen, family, couple, or maternity portrait session, our creative portraiture style will guarantee that you will receive photographs that are full of life. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Portrait of Rio Grande do Sul and Porto Alegre lifestyle photographer Carlos Haron Moura da Silva

Although my passion for photography has not come from home, I've always had an immense need to be immersed in creativity. My academic training and software facilities led me to Photoshop in 2009. Soon I discovered a new world through digital photography. A world rich in detail, composition, and color, and seen on another optics. For me, photography is the perfect tool because it allows me to be an artist and storyteller. As a father and husband, I am grateful to be able to capture these unique, life-changing moments, not only for my clients but also for my own family.

Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photography by Rosane Ocho, of Brasil

Photography is my passion and for a long time I ended up leaving this passion asleep and exercising the profession of a lawyer. Until I let my heart speak louder and decided to go after telling love stories, hear about dreams, feelings, affection, and happiness! Today I feel fulfilled with my work, portraying stories of love, happiness, knowing people and their truer feelings, and always seeking to bring to my photography the love and sincerity of the moments I photograph!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Porto Alegre Lifestyle Photographer Cristiane Bridi, of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

My name is Cristiane Bridi, and I have been a photographer for 5 years, businesswoman, volunteer, dancer, fashion graduate and passionate about photographing people and happy moments! Since I was a child I have been involved with the artistic world, dance, and theater, so I rely on this sensitivity to record everything and prove that photography can convey emotions and tell stories. The family has a very important value for me and mine is always with me, helping me, we are known to be always together, even got a nickname (hahaha!) We are Bridi's! I love what I do, so I always work and infect everyone around me with great joy! I really like to know the stories of people and tell each one of their ways, because I know this makes all the difference! I am passionate about children and this made me join two passions: children and photography, participating in a volunteer project called "Estrelinha Project", which contributes to the inclusion through photography for children with any type of disability.

Lisboa Lifestyle Photographer Debora Prates of Portugal.

Debora is a photographer, mother, entrepreneur, immigrant. She began investing in photography after the birth of his first child 10 years ago. She bought a camera to capture these moments and had a great disappointment with the result of the images. She began to study and never stop it! Soon a great passion has come and also the desire to transform other people’s lives. In 2013 she graduated as a professional photographer in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After participating in many congresses and workshops throughout the country, she specialized in family sessions and kids parties photography. At that time she founded the company Imagine Love & Photography in Brazil, and what was a project developed in parallel with the career of public employee, finally became a full time job. Graduated in Digital Multimedia, with experience in ​​journalism, she collaborates with articles that involve photography for sites related to the subject and today she has international recognition by the main associations of photographers around the world. In 2017 Debora invested higher, thinking about the future of her children, and moved to another country. Imagine Love & Photography is now at Portugal, in Lisbon District. In addition, it develops workshops for entrepreneurs, bloggers, mothers and all those who like to learn practical techniques to capture their own images. --------------------------- Débora é fotógrafa, mãe, empreendedora, imigrante. Começou a investir na fotografia após o nascimento do primeiro filho, há 10 anos. Comprou uma câmera para registar estes momentos e teve uma grande decepção com o resultado das imagens. Começou então a estudar e não parou mais! Em pouco tempo surgiu uma grande paixão e o desejo de transformar também a vida de outras pessoas. Em 2013 concluiu o curso de fotografia profissional em Porto Alegre, no Brasil. Participou em muitos congressos e workshops pelo país e especializou-se na área de família e festas infantis. Nesta altura fundou a empresa Imagine Love & Photography, no Brasil, e aquilo que era um projecto desenvolvido em paralelo com a carreira de funcionária pública, finalmente teve dedicação a tempo inteiro. Graduada em Multimídia Digital, com experiência na área de jornalismo, colabora com artigos e reflexões que envolvem fotografia para sites voltados ao assunto e hoje tem reconhecimento internacional pelas principais associações de fotógrafos pelo mundo. Em 2017 Débora investiu mais alto, a pensar no futuro dos filhos, e mudou de país. Agora a Imagine Love & Photography atua também em Portugal, na região de Lisboa. Para além disso desenvolve workshops voltados a empreendedores, bloggers, mães e todas as pessoas que gostavam de aprender técnicas práticas para captar suas próprias imagens.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
 Maria Luisa de Aguiar Neto for Brasil Lifestyle Photography

Minas Gerais photographer, born in Belo Horizonte. I have been working with lifestyle photography since 2011, witnessing happy stories and forever moments that I am immensely grateful to participate. Every customer, an exciting story of great learning. I'm happy to be a lifestyle photographer!