Inspiring Lifestyle Photos of Color

The award-winning lifestyle portraits below were created by Lifestyle Photographers Association member professionals from around the world, and are showing here because they were tagged with “Color”. Members submit their favorite portrait images for consideration by our LSPA contest judges.

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PACA picture of a young girl with lipstick matching the color of her pink shirt
In home picture of a young girl with lipstick matching the color of her pink shirt
Minas Gerais Lifestyle Maternity Portrait Session | Photo contains: Brazil, color, mother, indoors, window
Lifestyle Maternity Portrait Session for a mom sitting in a chair by the door
Brazil Lifestyle Couple Portrait Session | Photo contains: Rio de Janeiro, pre-wedding, engagement, art, wall, color, dip, outdoors
An urban Lifestyle Couple Portrait Session with some dancing and dipping by a large wall mural
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Lifestyle Couple Portrait Photography | Image contains: pre-wedding, color, kayaks, bench, outdoors, engagement, ocean
Lifestyle Couple Portrait created at the beach on a bench near kayaks
Florianopolis Santa Catarina Lifestyle Maternity Portraits | Photograph contains: beach, waves, color, sunset, pregnant, ocean, couple
Lifestyle Maternity Portrait of the couple walking in the water at the beach while holding hands
Florianopolis Lifestyle Kids Portrait | Photo contains: Santa Catarina, color, bush, children, girl, boy, outdoors, sand
Lifestyle Kids Portrait of a girl and boy running outdoors on a dirt trail near some bushes
Santa Catarina Lifestyle Toddler Portraits | Photo contains: sidewalk, color, boy, baby, trees, grass
Lifestyle Toddler Portrait of a baby boy standing on the sidewalk outside and looking at the camera
Sao Paulo Maternity Portrait Photography | Lifestyle Image contains: Brazil, flowers, red, color, trees, pregnant, hair, outdoors
Maternity Portrait Photo of a pregnant woman standing by red flower bushes outside
Sao Paulo Lifestyle Pregnancy Portraits | Photo contains: Brazil, mother, pregnant, color, reflection, trees, window
Lifestyle Pregnancy Portrait of a woman with partial tree reflections over her from outside trees
Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Family Portrait with Mom and Boy | Image contains: Brazil, lake, boy, mother, color, grass, fountain, portrait
Lifestyle Family Portrait with Mom and Boy near the green grass and a fountain
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Couple Portraits | Image contains: pre-wedding, wave, spray, water, ocean, color, rock, kiss
Couple Portrait on the rocks with ocean waves crashing and spraying behind them
Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Couple Session | Photo contains: Brazil, beach, rock, color, hug, pre-wedding, wave, couple
Lifestyle Couple Session near the ocean on rocks with calm sea water and sand
Noord Holland Lifestyle Portraits at the Beach | Family Photo contains: beach, grass, color, family, sky, sand
Lifestyle Portraits at the Beach with mom and dad walking and holding hands with a toddler
Rio de Janeiro Maternity Photography | Portrait contains: mother, stone, color, moss, pregnancy, portrait
Maternity Photography Portrait for a woman standing under a large moss covered stone
England Pre-Wedding Couple Portraits | Photo contains: couple, pre-wedding, color, bikers, portrait, bench
A Pre Wedding Couple Portrait from an urban street scene with a bench and passing bikes
Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Maternity Portraits | Photo Session contains: building, outdoors, sunset, shadow, pregnancy, color, trees, mother
Lifestyle Maternity Portrait in tree shadows against a building
Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Portrait Photography for the Family | Image contains: Brazil, trees, outdoors, hills, family, child, color, sunset
Lifestyle Portrait of parents tossing a toddler in the air under trees
Lifestyle Portraits of Children in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte | Photo contains: curls, girl, hair, grass, hands, color
Lifestyle Portrait of a Child laying down on the grass and head holding
Doubs Lifestyle Portrait Photography of Kids in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte | Image contains: boys, family, rocks, color, outdoors, noses
Lifestyle Portrait Photography of Kids touching noses on the rocks outdoors with parents watching
Santa Catarina Lifestyle Children Portraits - Photo contains: child, dirt, trees, stick, color, outdoors
Lifestyle Portrait of a child playing with sticks in the dirt under the trees
Sao Paulo Lifestyle Family Portraits with Baby - Photo contains: outdoors, baby, father, child, color, toy, blanket
Lifestyle Family Portrait with a Baby outdoors and upside down on a lap
  Seattle Washington Teen Lifestyle Portraits - Photo contains: trees, senior, portrait, color, outdoors
Teen Lifestyle Portrait by trees with white and light colored bark
Seattle Teen Lifestyle Portrait Session | Photo contains: Washington, senior, portrait, color, outdoors, hair, hands, trees
Teen Lifestyle Portrait Session near the green trees
Seattle Teen Lifestyle Photography | Image contains: WA, pom poms, cheerleader, outdoors, jump, senior, portrait, color
Teen Lifestyle Photo in Cheer style for a jumping young woman
Seattle Beach Lifestyle Portraits | Photo contains: bike, woman, beach, water, outdoors, color
Beach Lifestyle Portrait of a woman riding a beach cruiser in the ocean water
Key West Family Lifestyle Photography | Image contains: father, mother, boy, beach, sand, swing, smile, color, sky
Family Lifestyle Photo with dad and mom swinging toddler boy
Florida Family Lifestyle Portrait Session | Photo contains: crates, family, outside, color, brown, portrait, kids
Family Lifestyle Portrait Session near brown wood farm crates
Key West Family Lifestyle Portraits - Photo contains: Florida, silhouettes, family, rocks, sunset, ocean, portraiture, close-up, color
Family Lifestyle Portrait on the beach rocks at sunset with silhouettes
Key West Teen Lifestyle Portraits - Photo contains: rocks, beach, senior, portrait, color, shot, posing, tree, ideas
Teen Lifestyle Portrait on the rocks near the ocean with sail boats
Key West Teen / Senior Lifestyle Portrait Session | Photo contains: Florida, fine art, girl, close-up, outdoors, house, hat, hair, color
A Teen Senior Lifestyle Portrait Session with a young woman wearing a hat and smiling for the camera