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Would you like to find a top Recife lifestyle photographer? Want to capture your Pernambuco family in fine art family portraits? Welcome to the Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil.

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Pernambuco Lifestyle Photographer Carolina Campos, for Brasil

As long as I can remember, I've had a camera in my hands, but it was only in 2016 that I became a photographer. When I became mother, I began to give more importance to the moment and phases of a family. I realized how fast time passes and how important it is that we have all this recorded. I brought to my photograph what I would like for my own family, which is to be able to look back and see pictures that portray who we really are and be able to remember what motivates our journey.

Paulista Lifestyle Photography by Silla Cadengue of Brasil, Pernambuco

I am Silla Cadengue and I have been a photographer in 3por4Photography since 2015 when we started our work with event photography and in 2016, we were graced and welcomed by families. Since then, 3por4Photography has the honor of recording and sharing moments, materializing memories and affections, rescuing smiles with dedication and great affection. Our work is a mix of energy, affection, joy, passion and friends, many friends and loves on this journey up here. Nobody does anything alone, does it ?! Not alone, not just for you. Everything that we are is mixed in our work in an organic way, and that is exactly how we like to present our photograph. In an organic, human and synesthetic way we seek to integrate the sensations, experiences, colors and all the energy of the event into our clicks. Energy is what truly moves us! Our mission is to act as emotional filters, registering smiles, eternalizing the emotions, creating rhythm and a dynamic for the lived stories. We photograph for moments to gain meaning.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA