Ana Paula Campbell

Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography by Ana Paula Campbell - Brasil
Photo by: 
Priscila Rabello

Ana Paula Campbell

Pro RJ Lifestyle Photographer

I'm Ana Campbell.
If you had to leave all your belongings behind and could only choose something to take with you, what would you take? I would definitely take my photos. Am I the only one to think so?
My father is an amateur artist, he paints pictures and sculpts wood in his spare time.
On the other hand, there was a very strong culture in the family that any profession related to the arts was not a good option for the future.
I lived this conflict for a long time. I graduated in computer science and worked for years with it.
And one day I bought my first camera DSLR.
I started to learning how to use the camera in 2011 and I did not stop anymore. Then, in 2015 I completely migrated to a new career as photographer.
The language of my work is guided by photojournalism and most of the time I try photograph the moments as they actually happen.
I’m dedicated to documenting families and solo portraits. My desire is to create images with purity, freedom, experiences and I hope that it inspire others to love life as I love.

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