Jaqueline Salles

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Jack Salles, of Brazil

Jaqueline Salles

Brazil Family Pictures in RJ

Come and meet me, my photographic essays are light, full of laughter and smiles! With intuitive steering, the picture flows naturally.

Jaque Salles is a little girl who loves to laugh and make friends! I'm from Rio, married for 12 years.

Organic Photography, that's how I like to call my images! It has to do with the natural and the timeless, in this way, I like few productions and I try to avoid the tendencies, the focus is basically on the photographed. The challenge is that in 10 or 20 years the images will still be nice to see!

"I leave my deep affection and respect for all the families that are so different and so fascinating because of this. For me, it is a pleasure and an honor to share moments with people and at least for a few moments, to be part of their lives. "

Photography awakens our feelings and brings us to unforgettable days and no matter how much time has passed. I love to review my child's photos and see how my daughter looks like me, how I enjoyed my birthdays, and how things have changed since then. For me, photography is like a jewel, a gift that never ends and that will be passed down from generation to generation! A toast to life, a toast to the good times!