Liliane Cotta

Rio de Janeiro family and lifestyle portrait photographer Liliane Cotta of Brazil

Liliane Cotta

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I'm Liliane Cotta, a photographer. I am going to tell you a little bit of my story and also a little bit about myself.

Since I was little I am passionate about photography. I recorded parties, people, trips ... in short, anything that caught my attention. But this was a hobby, nothing serious.

A few years ago, unhappy with my profession (I am an accountant, believe me !!!), I resigned to try to find out what my vocation, my mission, would be. At that time, it did not cross my mind that my hobby was a viable alternative, which could be my profession. It was a world very far from my reality.

It took some time for my husband to be able to convince me to take a photography course and see it as a possibility. But, after I started, I soon realized that photography was my life purpose.

My goal is to tell family stories. Eternalize the moments and fragments of joy and emotion of a day that will never return. One day our memory will fail and photography is the only physical thing that will make us remember the beautiful moments of life.

I believe that photography is forever. Photographs are family jewels that must be passed on from generation to generation.

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