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Need help locating a top Rio Grande do Sul lifestyle photographer? Do you want to record your memories in creative family portraits? When you welcome one of our lifestyle photographers into your family to do your next teen, couple, maternity, or family portrait session, you will be taking part in a comfortable photo shoot that freezes emotion and really lets your family’s personality shine. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Luciana Nascimento Martins is a Lifestyle Photographer for Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

Luciana Martins works mainly with family photography, both in rehearsals and documentary photography, recording pregnancies, births, children, events and family gatherings. Author of the project "Love that comes from the Breast", which involves the world of breastfeeding and the "Project Growing" developed since 2013, which has accompanied the school development of more than 80 children. It has a portfolio approved by Vogue Italy, with female photographs. Graduated in Nutrition, she has worked in the field for 11 years. Everything changed in 2012 when it came to motherhood. During those months a lot of things changed and some certainties emerged: it was time to change. Taking photos of her daughter and realizing the importance of each image in her life, she felt that photography should be part of her. After many workshops, immersions, various courses, much study, and dedication, she decided to photograph life.

Lifestyle Photography by Jac Oliveira, of Rio Grande do Sul.

I'm Brazilian, and I'm from Rio Grande do Sul. A journalist with an academic background and photographer since 2009. I photograph people and what they feel in different situations: from birth to marriage. I live in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil, but I get wherever my client wants and is. There are no boundaries for true connections! Besides photography, I have other passions: my cats, cinema, music and friends, and family. Let's get to know each other?

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Nana Bonorino, Lifestyle Photographer from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

Hello, I am Nana, the mother of Antonia and Assisi. My greatest love of life! I like the cold of the rain ... sun of life! In love with photography from a very early age, I always dreamed of practicing this profession, but I ended up studying mathematics and taught for a while. So I happened to rehearse from a friend's family and things started to happen. It started my dream there. Things happened very fast, that's when I decided to drop everything and invest in what today makes me someone professionally accomplished. To keep happy moments of families, to keep love, smiles, to keep affections forever is what I look for with my work. Photography has this power. The power to bring smell, feeling, sound, touch the moment just like it did. Is not it fascinating to be able to take your most important moment out of the box and be able to relive it whenever you want? So I invite you to save everything in the form of photography, come and see a little of my work. I will love to keep your most important moments.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Waleska Battistella Lifestyle Photographer Brazil

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development from Unisinos and working with IT since 2008 ... However, it was always the art that made my heart smile. My first steps in photography began at age 23. However, my plans were being developed gradually, mainly because I needed to divide my focus with the conclusion of the college. A current student of the Italian language and admirer of this culture, I could not think of another name to create my brand aimed at women's and couples' essays other than Dolci Ritratti, which means Sweet Portraits. For me, photography is not limited only to capturing moments, but in the whole creative process, which involves a lot of studies, reference research, editing to enhance the image, caprice, and quality in the final photographic content delivered. Oh, and mainly a lot of information exchange with the client in order to understand their expectations and overcome them in the most creative and surprising way possible. I am a very lucky person to have the opportunity to work from an early age with what I really love. Rest assured that your memories will be treated with much respect and affection for me.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Renato Mello is a Lifestyle Photographer from Rio Grande do Sul

I am a native of the Gaucho coast of Brazil and love people, Netflix and Café. In 2011, I got involved with a theater group where I developed a strong relationship with art but mainly photography. Passionate about the people and their stories, I found photography a way to develop relationships and especially to store memories. "Photography is timeless by nature, it re-lives the passing, it lives the present, and it will live the future. Perhaps it is the purest form of expressing something, photography is the fact, the event, but it is, above all, the feeling."

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer Gustavo Neumann

Hello! Pleasure, I'm Gustavo, professional photographer and passionate about my family, friends, animals, travel, coffee, and music. The simplest things in life! With more than 5 years of profession, I photographed several places in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and Cuiabá / MT, adding more than 40 works. Based on photojournalism and my way of seeing photography, I try to show with my photos the simplest things, such as looks, gestures, expressions and, above all, feel. Photography is about you and the people you love. There is nothing more precious than that.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Rio Grande do Sul family photography by Andressa Nunes

Graduated from Business Administration, worked in the financial area, but it was never a professional achievement. In 2010 I had my daughter Isabela, my first love, I wanted to register everything, every move, every discovery, every smile, every look .... I would pick up my phone and spend hours and hours taking photos of Isa, picking up my Sony cyber shot and spent my little finger clicking everything! When Isa was 7 months old, we left Esteio / RS and went to live in Manaus / AM and it was then that everything started for me in professional lifestyle photography.

Brasil and Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer - Morgana Pierosan

I have a long history of love with photography and the arts. Professionally about seven years. A history that led me to want to tell others through my eyes. Precious or simple; the power of small gestures; I love sincere looks; real smiles; affection; people who love each other, who give themselves; real people. Photograph of small, grand, almost moms, and people who love each other.

Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer, Karina Ferreira Frias

Photography has been present in my life since I was a teenager, either in front of or behind the lens. Inspiring myself in photojournalism, and in names like Sebastião Salgado, Robert Capa and Henri Cartier Bresson, I never imagined myself photographing people and portraits; Until I did the first rehearsal. It was love at first sight, that's where I met. Today I photograph pregnant women, children and the family itself. And more than capturing a beautiful pose, my essays are based on experiences. The feeling that the moment of the essay conveys. Every photo has a feeling, a memory, and that's what I want to pass on to my clients. My goal is to look at the pictures after a while, and in addition to remembering why they were photographing, also remember how legal and significant the rehearsal moment was.

Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photography by Rosane Ocho, of Brasil

Photography is my passion and for a long time I ended up leaving this passion asleep and exercising the profession of a lawyer. Until I let my heart speak louder and decided to go after telling love stories, hear about dreams, feelings, affection, and happiness! Today I feel fulfilled with my work, portraying stories of love, happiness, knowing people and their truer feelings, and always seeking to bring to my photography the love and sincerity of the moments I photograph!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Lifestyle Photographer Rafael Rosa, based in Rio Grande do Sul.

I am in love with people, and photography has also been a tool that makes me stay closer to them, and keep good memories for the future. Musician, fascinated by life and all that it provides, especially if it is: trips, TV series of Netflix, coffee is not even talked about (just need to invite once), technology - and most of the time of that life, always accompanied by it: to Ju. I like relationships, and mostly I believe in them, for each one of them creates a transformative experience. My story with family photography began 35 years ago, when my mother - Mrs. Veimar - bought the first camera in the family, wanted to have something to keep in the future, where all the records of our childhood are kept in the house, separated in those special boxes, the ones with the same shoes (laughs) after all, who does not? Full of printed photos, stories, memories, and everything still very much alive, because we only have to open and review the old albums that we already have a lot to talk about. And this is one of the reasons that today one of my greatest passions is family photography. It is because of these memories that for some time seem to be asleep in our consciousness, but that when seen and magazines, like a magic pass we can relive several moments again, we smell, sound, wind, and so many good things. So, what stories will the children or our children tell about us in the future?

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photography by Zeto Teloken

I am Zéto Telöken, passionate about people, art and lifestyle photography. This passion combined with enthusiasm and admiration influences me in a very natural way, and this is part of my life and my family because we are involved in photography every day. That's why I dedicate myself to this art with sensitivity and love, so that every detail and expression will never go unnoticed. My concept of photography is based on Photojournalism. I seek knowledge with renowned national and international names in wedding photography, enhancing creativity and look and at no time do my actions interfere with the naturalness of events. Photographing, telling stories through images and being part of unique and intense moments give me much joy and fulfillment.

Eugenio Barreto Lifestyle Photographer, Rio Grande do Sul.

As everything in life for me has to make sense, my work could not be different. To have the possibility to capture feelings, to express myself to the world through my photos, to have fun, to be myself, without labels or masks, to be able to photograph with my wife Diovana Zambarda, it all brings me immense happiness. I have been working as a Marriage and Family photographer since 2004. Nowadays, increasingly passionate about family documentary photography, I have dedicated myself deeply to these families that allow me to tell their stories in their happiest moments. Just as they are experiencing a real experience and, not acting, I also spread myself with the same emotion, I am immersed in the moment. This allows me, as a photographer, to have the sensitivity to capture the truer and more beautiful details of those being photographed. As a result, more than static images, the photographs express the whole feeling of unique and unforgettable situations.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer Marcio Klein, of Brazil

We are Marcio and Thati Klein, married and partners in photography. We like simplicity, family lunch, fruit picking from the foot, tinkering in the damp earth, riding a bicycle, old objects, meeting new places, a good book, being with friends ... And that same simple way we take to our photography, we show the look, the tear, the emotional expression, the gesture of affection, the contagious smile, the touch of skin ... We portray what makes the heart beat stronger. We keep in images the sensations of a very special moment, which will never be repeated. We know the importance of our registration and we do this with dedication and total dedication. It will be a pleasure to know them and an honor to be able to tell the story of you.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Porto Alegre Lifestyle Photographer Cristiane Bridi, of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

My name is Cristiane Bridi, and I have been a photographer for 5 years, businesswoman, volunteer, dancer, fashion graduate and passionate about photographing people and happy moments! Since I was a child I have been involved with the artistic world, dance, and theater, so I rely on this sensitivity to record everything and prove that photography can convey emotions and tell stories. The family has a very important value for me and mine is always with me, helping me, we are known to be always together, even got a nickname (hahaha!) We are Bridi's! I love what I do, so I always work and infect everyone around me with great joy! I really like to know the stories of people and tell each one of their ways, because I know this makes all the difference! I am passionate about children and this made me join two passions: children and photography, participating in a volunteer project called "Estrelinha Project", which contributes to the inclusion through photography for children with any type of disability.

Portrait of Rio Grande do Sul and Porto Alegre lifestyle photographer Carlos Haron Moura da Silva

Although my passion for photography has not come from home, I've always had an immense need to be immersed in creativity. My academic training and software facilities led me to Photoshop in 2009. Soon I discovered a new world through digital photography. A world rich in detail, composition, and color, and seen on another optics. For me, photography is the perfect tool because it allows me to be an artist and storyteller. As a father and husband, I am grateful to be able to capture these unique, life-changing moments, not only for my clients but also for my own family.

Natana Fontes is a Lifestyle Photographer for Rio Grande do Sul

Born in the city of Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil, with baggage of six years of photography. Photography for me has become everything! It's a work that involves a lot of love and dedication. For me, each record is unique, which makes all the difference. I love to photograph the moment, that delicious laugh, the tight hug, the scared face ... finally, the moment happened. Photography is more than just a job, it's my life, it's my love. And it is this love that I pass to my clients!

Daiane Rigo is a lifestyle photographer for Rio Grande do Sul

Hello! I'm Daiane Rigo, a Botany Photographer, and visual artist. The photography came at a very special moment in my family, after the birth of my sister who awakened my love for the art of photography, leading me to discover with the experience that photography is an instant of mine, my brothers, my family , is the record of an intimate, familiar history of time and senses.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA

Hi! Today I am a photographer, mother, RTV, passionate about portraits, stories, and stories ... From a very young age, I found myself delighted in the photo sessions that I went with my mother. I remember always walking with a camera in my hand, leaving the crazy friends to hear so much let's take a picture?! But it was during my adolescence that it sparked a passion for photography. I remember the delight of sitting and listening to stories Grandma told us, always illustrated with the most varied stories, written with unknown names and super old dates behind each portrait. I am the mother of Adam. Together we like to travel and travel. We went to the Himalayas, through the African savannah, and we knew the land of Mickey, and once we went to the moon!!! All this without leaving our yard. We like to live in a world where everything is possible, a magical universe where closing our eyes and believing is easy to find. Family moments are precious and being able to follow the development of this love is extremely rewarding. Being able to be part of these special moments, made me understand that photography is more than a souvenir.

Lisboa Lifestyle Photographer Debora Prates of Portugal.

Debora is a photographer, mother, entrepreneur, immigrant. She began investing in photography after the birth of his first child 10 years ago. She bought a camera to capture these moments and had a great disappointment with the result of the images. She began to study and never stop it! Soon a great passion has come and also the desire to transform other people’s lives. In 2013 she graduated as a professional photographer in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After participating in many congresses and workshops throughout the country, she specialized in family sessions and kids parties photography. At that time she founded the company Imagine Love & Photography in Brazil, and what was a project developed in parallel with the career of public employee, finally became a full time job. Graduated in Digital Multimedia, with experience in ​​journalism, she collaborates with articles that involve photography for sites related to the subject and today she has international recognition by the main associations of photographers around the world. In 2017 Debora invested higher, thinking about the future of her children, and moved to another country. Imagine Love & Photography is now at Portugal, in Lisbon District. In addition, it develops workshops for entrepreneurs, bloggers, mothers and all those who like to learn practical techniques to capture their own images. --------------------------- Débora é fotógrafa, mãe, empreendedora, imigrante. Começou a investir na fotografia após o nascimento do primeiro filho, há 10 anos. Comprou uma câmera para registar estes momentos e teve uma grande decepção com o resultado das imagens. Começou então a estudar e não parou mais! Em pouco tempo surgiu uma grande paixão e o desejo de transformar também a vida de outras pessoas. Em 2013 concluiu o curso de fotografia profissional em Porto Alegre, no Brasil. Participou em muitos congressos e workshops pelo país e especializou-se na área de família e festas infantis. Nesta altura fundou a empresa Imagine Love & Photography, no Brasil, e aquilo que era um projecto desenvolvido em paralelo com a carreira de funcionária pública, finalmente teve dedicação a tempo inteiro. Graduada em Multimídia Digital, com experiência na área de jornalismo, colabora com artigos e reflexões que envolvem fotografia para sites voltados ao assunto e hoje tem reconhecimento internacional pelas principais associações de fotógrafos pelo mundo. Em 2017 Débora investiu mais alto, a pensar no futuro dos filhos, e mudou de país. Agora a Imagine Love & Photography atua também em Portugal, na região de Lisboa. Para além disso desenvolve workshops voltados a empreendedores, bloggers, mães e todas as pessoas que gostavam de aprender técnicas práticas para captar suas próprias imagens.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil Lifestyle Photographer, Marina Ficcio - Sao Paulo.

Bachelor in Photography by SENAC-SP. She interned in the newspaper DCI in São Paulo, photographing social events and portraits. She also worked as an assistant for still photographers. In 2014 she went to Ireland to do an exchange and there he developed personal projects and works in documentary and landscape photography. Returning to her hometown, Jaú, in 2017, started working with family documentary photography, where she spent the day or a few hours with her family portraying the reality of day to day images.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Curitiba lifestyle photography by Adrieli Cancelier, of Parana, Brazil

I'm Adrieli Cancelier, but you can call me Adri or Aunt Adri :) I am a professional lifestyle photographer of families in Curitiba, but first of all, I register the bonds. I was born in Criciúma and it took me to adapt in Curitiba, but today I feel like a complete Guri from Curitiba. I'm 30 years old, a Marketing graduate, a chocolate addict, married to my sweetheart Andrius, the lovely 2-year-old Benjamin's aunt and I'm dreaming of the excitement of registering families. My dream is to become a mother. My passion is my family and the moments with the people that I love, I never deny a moment to be with them and laugh until they hurt the belly. Maybe by now, you know, but I love writing. I'm a pseudo-cinephile, I love movies, popcorn, coffee, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I love shooting in the winter, but I hate the cold. I love salty and hot summer skin, crispy hair, sea noise. When I think about my childhood I see children lying on the sun-baked asphalt at night, I see hands clasped, I see hugs, I see many smiles, I always see a baby nearby and I see a guava tree. I'm rather shy and do not look for experiences that I'm not comfortable with, but I have a great ability to connect with people, especially with children. I've been surrounded by them all my life. I thrive on hearing new stories and telling old stories. I love traveling and exploring every corner. I like to observe the small details and keep them in my memory. I have a good memory. I started photographing my own family when I was a kid. I collected money and bought a yellow analog camera with a film reel. I photographed my mom and dad sitting on the couch at home, me and my sister taking a shower and my doll collection. I packed everything into a little box and those memories became relics to me. I specialize in natural light, but the truth is that I no longer think of the light while I am photographing. I'm just as watchful, keeping that scene on my camera. I think more of the light when I'm not working, but if the scene is too beautiful I turn off my camera and save that moment just for me. I chose to photograph only families and children's parties in 2013, as I believe that these family affective memories help in the process of self-knowledge and strengthening the bonds of the child and the family. I am in favor of education based on experience and respect for the child. Our lives are like trees, where each memory is a fragile and beautiful leaf about to fall. So I chose to photograph only what is yours, at home or outdoors in a sunny environment. "I honestly believe there are things that no one would see if I had not photographed them." -Diane Arbus

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
 Maria Luisa de Aguiar Neto for Brasil Lifestyle Photography

Minas Gerais photographer, born in Belo Horizonte. I have been working with lifestyle photography since 2011, witnessing happy stories and forever moments that I am immensely grateful to participate. Every customer, an exciting story of great learning. I'm happy to be a lifestyle photographer!