Marcio Klein

Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer Marcio Klein, of Brazil
Photo by: 
Thati Klein

Marcio Klein

Marcio e Thati Fotografia

We are Marcio and Thati Klein, married and partners in photography. We like simplicity, family lunch, fruit picking from the foot, tinkering in the damp earth, riding a bicycle, old objects, meeting new places, a good book, being with friends ... And that same simple way we take to our photography, we show the look, the tear, the emotional expression, the gesture of affection, the contagious smile, the touch of skin ... We portray what makes the heart beat stronger. We keep in images the sensations of a very special moment, which will never be repeated. We know the importance of our registration and we do this with dedication and total dedication. It will be a pleasure to know them and an honor to be able to tell the story of you.

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