Mauricio Urena

Portrait of Mauricio Urena, a Costa Rica Lifestyle Family Photographer

Mauricio Urena

Lifestyle Photos: Couples, Maternity, Pets
3 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

Capturing the Essence of Family Life: Meaningful, Timeless, and Stylish

I characterize myself as someone who has always looked for continuous improvement, without fear of any challenge and has put himself in very demanding situations that have allowed me to achieve my goals. I love to invest not only in the best education, tools, and technology available, but I also continuously invest in being a better professional, husband, and son. I'm an avid athlete since childhood with a career in the field of business and finance. I love pets, cookies, and cakes, and above all, I'm a very detail-oriented person. Nothing moves me more, and nothing is most rewarding than the emotions, and happy messages I get from my clients. Serving you, knowing that my artwork will have a special place in your hearts throughout your life, earning your trust and appreciation means the world to me!

Awards for Lifestyle Photography

1 TOP Lifestyle Photographer Titles

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