Alana Nozella

Alana Nozella is a Brasil lifestyle photographer for families in Sao Paulo.

Alana Nozella

Corá Fotos

My name is Alana, and love the simple things in life is what moves me in everything I do. It is gratifying to be able to know and listen to the story of a family, and to be able to portray who they truly are, and to leave a little bit of myself in each special moment that has been entrusted to me. I feel part of every family and every memory is stored in my heart <3

I graduated in Advertising and Marketing, and I began to photograph professionally at 17 years of age. Today I can say that I am where I always wanted to be. I have idealize the Corá, my company of heart, where adults and children get a special look! I am passionate about spontaneous photography, with no pose or scheduled appointment. Work with weddings, pregnancy tests, families, newborns and children's parties =)

4 Awards for Lifestyle Photography