Thiago Gimenes

Sao Paulo lifestyle Photography by Thiago Gimenes - Brasil
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Cris Santoro

Thiago Gimenes

Pro SP Lifestyle Portraits
19 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

My primary goal in life is to work for love, by love and to spread love. I can feel the love in EVERY family I work with, and I crave for images that make other people feel it to. I want to take care of the love I found and preserve it for the future generations. This is why I get up every single day to do my work with a huge smile on my face.
Love is why I love my job, and is the reason I'll love to photograph your family!
I'm a 38-old São Paulo-based family and wedding photographer (I used to say I'm a love photographer). I've worked for 25 years in advertising agencies as an Art and Creative Director, until I found a need to make a REAL difference in the world, to make my time on this planet worthwhile and the way I found to do this was through photographing the 3 kinds of loves: the romantic (weddings), the family (family documentary) and the self love (women lifestyle-portraits).

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