Ron Storer

Ron Storer, lifestyle photographer for Seattle, WA.

Ron Storer

Lifestyle Portrait Pro
84 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

Lifestyle Portraits Expertly Captured by Talented Northwest Photographer

Ron is based out of the Northwest area and is available for lifestyle portrait sessions. Ron Storer has been married to his wonderful friend, Neesie, for nearly the past 29 years and they have two amazing boys; Grant and Torey. 15 years ago, Ron Storer worked on a freelance basis with non-profit Organizations doing relief work around the world. Now on occasion Ron still assists NPO's when possible and as his schedule allows. Prior to his photography career, Ron Storer raced on the US Cycling Team earning a Gold Medal in the Pan-Am Games and a Silver Medal in the Olympic Trials.

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