Lindsay Moleirinho-Watkis

Lindsay Moleirinho-Watkis Lifestyle Photographer

Lindsay Moleirinho-Watkis

Photos by LAM

For me, photography is all about capturing people in the most natural and honest way. My goal is to tell a story through photos that capture feeling in each moment. I love how something that happens so quickly can be photographed in a unique way and remembered forever.

Anyone who's ever hired me knows I strive for authenticity...whatever you do it should be real and honest and you'll see the difference. I put my heart and soul into every shoot I do no matter who I am working with I give everyone my absolute best, this is my passion and I consider myself blessed to do what I love for a living!"

I've been doing what I love for over 16 years now, locally and internationally!! Thanks to everyone who has ever hired me and trusted my vision, I have met so many amazing people and I hope to continue my journey as a photographer for many years to come.