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Would you like us to help you locate the best Valencia lifestyle photographer to capture your family in carefree and beautiful portraits? When you hire one of our fine lifestyle photographers to do your next teen, maternity, couple, or family portrait session, the images that you will receive will be one of a kind. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Spain:

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Toni Miranda is a lifestyle photographer from Alicante, Spain

My sensitivity as a child photographer woke up on August 31 with the birth of my first daughter Laia. I discovered his smile and those eyes that looked at me opened before me a whole world: The World of Children. To capture their tenderness, sweetness, naturalness, to show them as they really are: it is the objective of my photographs. With my second daughter Noa, I have continued to live moments that are worth immortalizing. You have to remember them as they are now.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA