Cynthia Arena

Indoor portrait of Var lifestyle photographer Cynthia Arena of PACA France

Cynthia Arena

Thia Photographe
2 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I am a lover of life. I love the smell of damp earth in spring, hearing the laughter, marveling at Mother Nature, and tasting all the gourmet pleasures. But above all, I am an unconditional lover of my son, Gabriel, and my lover. My man is one of the good people, he is a farmer who works day after day, in the heat of the south and the cold of winter. Hard work gives enormous satisfaction. We live in the great outdoors with our animals, a simple life, sometimes difficult but wonderful. It was by looking at family albums with my grandmother when I was a child that photography became an extension of me. A daily happiness cure. The question of why then became essential. It testifies to the importance that the image has taken on in my life. All those little things remind us every day that life is short.

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