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Seeking a Wales lifestyle photographer? Are you hoping to craft memories for your family in an easy and authentic photo shoot? When you bring one of our handpicked lifestyle photographers into your family to do your next family, couple, teen, or maternity portrait session, the result will be fun images that capture the true character of you and your loved ones.   The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Wales:

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Jo Haycock, UK Lifestyle Photographer

As a former marketing and picture publicist at the BBC, I got to work alongside some of the most amazingly talented people. I left inspired to make my own images for a living. Our family life consists of a camper van, a half-built house extension (we’re getting there) and lots of outdoor adventures and road trips. If we throw a dinner party, it’s more likely to be around a campfire in the garden than sat inside at a dinner table. Alongside my documentary family photography and I take on personal artistic projects. These are longer-term social documentary projects that I call my soul food. Based in Monmouthshire, south Wales and close to Cardiff & Bristol, I’m mum to Jeanie. Whose pure energy and kindness in this world makes me burst with pride – this week she tells me she wants to become a human rights lawyer. Her dad and my partner, Jez is one of the most creative and insightful people I know. I’m passionate about people and what connects them to their environment. What gets them excited and engaged in what they do, who and why they love.

Camila Ventura Lee lifestyle photography for Ireland and Dublin.

Hello, I am Camila and I am a Professional Family Photographer! I believe photography has the power of making us travel in time, sometimes I look at old photos and for a split second they take me back to my big day or even just one little everyday moment that I would have forgotten if it wasn't for that photograph. After all, life is about all the little moments we share with the ones we love. With my photography I want to capture some of these moments and tell great stories, so you and your family can look back at them in a few years from now and simply remember the amazing time you had. Over the last 10 years, I have photographed Fashion, Shows, Plays, Events, Portraits, traveled the world as a Disney Cruise Line Photographer and also taught Photography at Senac São Paulo in Brazil.