Irina Hoek

Overijssel and Zwolle lifestyle portrait photography by Irina Hoek of the Netherlands LSPA

Irina Hoek

Lifestyle Photos | Family, Kids, Couples

Photographer Specializes in Family, Children, Love, Maternity, and Newborns

I live in Zwolle together with my husband, our two children (6 & 4), and our cat. I got a passion for photography a long time ago in Kazakhstan (my native country) and this passion was sparked "recently" by the birth of my children as I want to capture as many moments as possible during their growth. Time flies! Before you know it, they are adults and go their own ways. Photography is the best way to remember happy moments in life. I will help you to fill your family photo album with wonderful memories. I would love to see you at my photo session!

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