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Lifestyle Family Photography

The Lifestyle Photographers Association has a team of skilled and experienced photographers specializing in capturing authentic and artistic portraits. With expertise in various categories such as family portraits, solo portraits, children and teenagers, couples, pets, and maternity sessions, our photographers are committed to providing memorable images that truly reflect your unique story.

Stepping away from traditional and uninspiring studio settings, our photographers bring their creativity and passion to a location of your choice. This allows for a comfortable and familiar environment, enabling you and your loved ones to feel relaxed and at ease. By actively engaging with you, our photographers are able to create natural interactions and direct the portrait session accordingly. The result? Bright, dynamic, and vibrant portraits that encapsulate the essence of your personalities and relationships.

Choose a lifestyle photographer from our association and cherish the exceptional memories they will capture for you. Whether it's the bond within your family, celebrating an individual's achievements, documenting the joy of childhood, commemorating the love between couples, capturing the playful antics of your pets, or celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new addition to your family, our photographers have the expertise to create images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

A child is captured in Inner Mongolia, walking through vibrant green grass while gently cradling a sheep in their arms. This heartwarming portrait showcases the innocent bond between a young shepherd and their cherished woolly companion
A girl enjoys playful time with her toy dog amidst the serene setting of The Gallop Extension in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The black and white image showcases a minimalist aesthetic with predominantly white tones.
A mother and her child play outside in Boston on a rainy day, with the young girl holding an umbrella
A couple strikes a pose near a thunderstorm at Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, under a purple cloudy sky
In the heart of Paris, a family of three finds themselves beautifully framed within a cut opening nestled in a rustic wooden log, capturing the essence of their stylish and idyllic lifestyle
A mother and her three children sit with colorful flowers at Hood River, Oregon, capturing a beautiful lifestyle portrait
At Ed R. Levin County Park in Milpitas, California, a family enjoys a serene sunset sitting by a large tree, as the little boy excitedly shares his secrets with his mother in this beautiful lifestyle portrait
A high school senior confidently stands on a Denver sidewalk as part of a captivating urban portrait
A lifestyle portrait in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, beautifully encapsulates the heartfelt bond between a pregnant mother and her daughters as they lovingly rest their hands on her belly
A black and white photograph of a mother and her daughters happily walking through Meuse during winter
In a heartwarming scene captured in Labrador Park, Singapore, a father holds his daughter high in the sky near a towering green tree. Their joy and love for each other radiate through this delightful portrait.
In Marcy l'étoile, France, a captivating black and white overhead shot captures a smiling boy, utterly content, resting in the midst of lush grass

Business & Branding Portraits

The Lifestyle Photographers Association admires and supports the entrepreneurial spirit, and we understand the importance of visually representing your brand to effectively connect with your audience. Our members collaborate with small businesses to create marketing photographs specifically tailored for the Internet: sites & social media, as well as printed promotional products. With our expertise, we can help to strategically showcase you, your products, services, location, and even your team through captivating and compelling photographs. By highlighting your unique talents and sharing your inspiring stories, we aim to help you reach your target audience and elevate your brand presence.

Portrait of Solange Bueno, a candidate for governor of the state, posing confidently for campaign photos during a lifestyle business branding session in Curitiba.
Portrait of Somatic coach, Tamu, embodying joy in her branding session in London. She roller skates joyfully down a city street.
Portrait of a car mechanic in New Jersey, underneath a car on a backboard creeper, with heavy modeling makeup.
Portrait of a sophisticated lady with a violin case, gracefully strolling down a London street, capturing her passion for music and her connection to the Royal Opera House.
A vibrant artist of HollyWorld Studios embraces her orange-themed style while confidently posing in her New Jersey studio during a lifestyle business branding session.
A man with a focused expression, sitting at a grand piano in GK Piano, San Jose. The lighting highlights his passion for music as he poses for his business portrait.
Portrait of a Pastor Beacon Christian captured during a lifestyle branding session in New York, United States
This image captures Peta, a skilled copywriter from Berkshire, England, showcasing her ability to handle multiple requests while writing for a client's business during a lifestyle branding session.
A professional portrait captured in the Chinese Class during a lifestyle business branding session at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts.
In the region of Alsace, France, the team from a leading Earth Works Company strides confidently towards the camera, leaving heavy construction equipment behind.
In this vibrant lifestyle business portrait, a man from Pescadero, CA proudly lifts up a handful of fresh, wet leafy greens at Pie Ranch, California.
A lively and vibrant artist, Aida Murad, from the United States poses for a portrait, with blue paint on her hand near her face, against a matching blue background in New York.

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