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Lifestyle Family Photography

The Lifestyle Photographers Association has a team of skilled and experienced photographers specializing in capturing authentic and artistic portraits. With expertise in various categories such as family portraits, solo portraits, children and teenagers, couples, pets, and maternity sessions, our photographers are committed to providing memorable images that truly reflect your unique story.

Stepping away from traditional and uninspiring studio settings, our photographers bring their creativity and passion to a location of your choice. This allows for a comfortable and familiar environment, enabling you and your loved ones to feel relaxed and at ease. By actively engaging with you, our photographers are able to create natural interactions and direct the portrait session accordingly. The result? Bright, dynamic, and vibrant portraits that encapsulate the essence of your personalities and relationships.

Choose a lifestyle photographer from our association and cherish the exceptional memories they will capture for you. Whether it's the bond within your family, celebrating an individual's achievements, documenting the joy of childhood, commemorating the love between couples, capturing the playful antics of your pets, or celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new addition to your family, our photographers have the expertise to create images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

This lifestyle portrait captures the love and joy of grandparents spending quality time with their two young grandkids in the beautiful setting of Nashville, Tennessee
This captivating lifestyle portrait showcases a heartwarming session in Lyon, with a father and his joyful child embracing each other amidst an urban concrete backdrop
This heartwarming lifestyle portrait captures a tender embrace between a mother and her young son, as they share a joyful smile while snuggling together in Denver, Colorado
This vibrant lifestyle portrait captures a young girl confidently posing on a log amidst the lush meadow scenery of Truckee, California
This charming lifestyle portrait captures a mother and daughter, as they lie on their backs in the grass in Dijon, France
This lifestyle portrait captures the joy of a family playing in the woods in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The black and white image adds a timeless touch.
This heartwarming lifestyle portrait captures a loving family embracing on a sunlit rock, surrounded by the natural beauty of Pralognan-la-Vanoise, France
This lively lifestyle portrait captures three sisters in Lyon, joyfully pushing and running with a shopping cart they found on the road
This captivating lifestyle portrait captures the joyful connection between a mother and her daughter, set in the beautiful outdoors of Milpitas, California
In this captivating lifestyle portrait from Lyon, a heartwarming scene unfolds as a doting big sister embraces her little sibling, encouraging her to observe the world around them
A sweet and joyful outdoor lifestyle portrait of a family of three, captured on beautiful Canterbury Road in Singapore
Check out this adorable lifestyle portrait captured in Montpellier! This heartwarming photo features two siblings, a boy and a girl, happily playing and laughing beside a blue painted wall.

Business & Branding Portraits

The Lifestyle Photographers Association admires and supports the entrepreneurial spirit, and we understand the importance of visually representing your brand to effectively connect with your audience. Our members collaborate with small businesses to create marketing photographs specifically tailored for the Internet: sites & social media, as well as printed promotional products. With our expertise, we can help to strategically showcase you, your products, services, location, and even your team through captivating and compelling photographs. By highlighting your unique talents and sharing your inspiring stories, we aim to help you reach your target audience and elevate your brand presence.

Renata Zveibel, a successful woman entrepreneur from São Paulo, Brazil, specializes in personal branding, positioning, and brand building for women professionals and executives
This vibrant Business Portrait captures a US nurse in Berlin, Germany, exuding professionalism and confidence under the columns, dressed in eye-catching suit colors
Viviane Kanayama, a successful attorney at Kanayama Advocacia in Curitiba, sits confidently in her study, enveloped by a collection of authoritative law books
A confident and professional man in a suit is captured in a lifestyle portrait at Better Wealth, San Jose, multitasking with a laptop and cell phone at his desk
Business portrait of Olivier Anquier, a man in BW, captured at his São Paulo restaurant. He stands confidently amidst the dining chairs and tables, embodying both professionalism and culinary mastery.
This vibrant business portrait showcases a confident woman manager in a bold red setting, exuding professionalism and leadership in the city of Montpellier
This vibrant lifestyle portrait captures the essence of a talented London musician, a young woman confidently holding her violin amidst a captivating music-themed backdrop
In this vibrant lifestyle portrait, a confident woman works on the loading docks at Pie Ranch in Pescadero, CA surrounded by plastic crates brimming with the bountiful farm harvest
Meliza Moutinho, a doctor from São Paulo, Brazil, dons a surgical mask as part of her daily routine. A business portrait of dedication and caution.
This is a Business Portrait of a woman shop owner outside her high-end second-hand clothing store, Coquelicot Mesdames, in Vendee, France. Shop sustainable fashion finds in style.
This captivating business portrait showcases a talented designer, highlighting the intricate details of her exquisite bridal collection at OUMA in Manhattan, NYC
Sara, a vibrant entrepreneur, poses confidently in her eclectic Brighton design shop & art gallery, showcasing her unlimited creativity on the picturesque seafront

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