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Are you looking for help in locating a Bretagne lifestyle photographer? Do you want to document your family in portraits that are eternal and joyful? When you choose one of our carefully selected lifestyle photographers to do your next family, teen, couple, or maternity portrait session, you will receive photographs that capture you and your family in the best possible frame. The France Lifestyle Photographers Association:

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I am Maëlle, freshly thirty years old, in love with life and its little happiness! I am the mother of 2 adorable monsters, Jules and Théo, and I also have under my wing 2 pigs, a goat, rabbits, fifteen chickens and ducks, and dozens of little plans to maintain ... What is good to occupy! I have been a wedding and family photographer since 2015, and I also accompany professionals. I intervene for great magic moments and small everyday moments, in a good mood (always!), And in a simple, natural, and gentle way. My goal is to illustrate your life with a documentary approach to create a nice creative report. In short, I tell your story as it is: Life, the real what! I live in Quimper, in Brittany, and I travel all over France.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brittany lifestyle photographer Elodie Gentit - France Pro

What I love most of all is Netflix and chill under my cozy blanket with hot chocolate. A tall child of 29 years old and passionate about the simple moments in life, it was natural for me to go towards the so-called lifestyle photo. This is where you can photograph families and couples really and without artifice. Wedding and family photographer since 2018, I only photograph happy people! I like to tell stories, your stories. Smile and have fun!