Nadine Lotze

Nadine Lotze is a Hagen lifestyle photographer of Germany
Photo by: 
Miriam Folak

Nadine Lotze

lumoid Photo Nadine Lotze
8 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

Capturing The Essence Of Character Through Lifestyle Photography

Nadine Lotze is a self-employed photographer based in Hagen, Germany, specializing in family photography in a documentary style. She has been working as a professional photographer since 2011.

Nadine's passion lies in capturing the stories of people and their lives. She believes in preserving not only the big emotional moments but also the small intimate details on the sidelines. Her goal is to capture not just the external appearance but also the essence of a person's character or the ordinary moments that could become wonderful memories in the future.

Her photographs are characterized by their simplicity, timelessness, and aesthetic appeal. The images aim to bring back the memories of the moment and bring a smile to the viewers' faces.

Nadine is excited to be invited into the lives of her clients, and she looks forward to finding a common wavelength with them. She believes that getting to know each other better can help create a more comfortable and enjoyable photoshoot experience.

8 Awards for Lifestyle Photography

1 TOP Lifestyle Photographer Titles

We proudly recognize Nadine Lotze as a TOP International Lifestyle Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Lifestyle Photographers.