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I am Christelle and I am a photographer specializing in family and lifestyle in Angers and the surrounding area. But let's go back a bit… I first grew up between the Brière marshes, the Croisic, La Baule, Pénestin, Pont Mahé beaches, etc. Then I moved to Anjou. I've been living in Champigné for 20 years today. It was here that I built my little family, here that my children were born. This corner has become my adoptive region and I feel good there!

Sporty in nature, I get up every morning at dawn for a little jog… or not. Joking aside I like to get some fresh air, go out to the local cafe to enjoy a little local concert, or even go to the movies. Big fan of fantastic films, I am unbeatable on the Marvel universe, the Harry Potter saga or the Hunger Games … and I fully assume it!

This self-description is starting to belong, isn't it? So in short, I love to read, I love to tickle my children, make jokes, dance with them. I love great classics such as “ The Seventh Company ” (I really have schoolboy humor), I also like to swim in the ocean or the English Channel (as long as there are not too many people). I would like to travel a lot more with my children. I remember an incredible trip to Thailand, I say it was the trip of our lives! Exceptional family memories, images that come back to me in bursts, ... A wonderful stay.

Looks like I'm getting lost right? So what if we go back to our sheep? I am a photographer and invite you to meet us to discuss your project. It can be a live photo shoot of your child, a spontaneous pregnancy photo session, a culinary or tourist photo shoot, a photo report immersed in your daily life, a birth photoshoot or still simple passport photos.

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