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Find your Russia lifestyle photographer to capture the natural dynamics of your family in a beautiful and artistic way. When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to do your next portrait session, you will receive images that showcase you and your loved ones in the best possible light. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Europe:

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Igor Matey is a Russia Lifestyle Photographer

My name is Igor and I take pictures of people. I love to run in the morning, in the early mornings, preferably in the forest for 5-7 kilometers, and when the form allows and for 10-15 kilometers. I also like to swim, swim in the water for 1,5-2 kilometers, or better in the sea. I love joy on my parents face, sincere conversations with people close in spirit, to drive my car, practically all the lines of the runner Murakami and wretched Welsh, to watch a movie after which you can not find a place. I like to leave the theater, bringing out something new, unknown. Generally I like people, different ... not always it certainly turns out. I like to travel, it is not important where, it is not important with whom, it is important as ... If something from me said resonates with your idea of ​​life, I'm sure we will find a common language.

Elena Petrova, Lifestyle Photographer for Saint-Petersburg.

Personally, I think that the most interesting thing that can be is the ordinary everyday life. This is what I would like to see most in my archive, and these are the things I suggest keeping for you. I've been taking photos for 10 years already. At the same time, I never stopped studying: the school of film photography and hand printing, the Faculty of Photojournalism, the Photo Department, numerous master classes and meetings with photographers, art historians and artists - all this influenced and shaped me as a photographer.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Saint-Petersburg lifestyle photographer, Sergei Balanian, of Russia.

My name is Sergei and I am a wedding and lifestyle family photographer in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I am fluent in English and I work as a photographer more than 5 years. Open for any creative and commercial projects. Member of Wedding Photojournalist Association January — February 2020: wedding and family photo in the Philippines

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Saint-Petersburg Lifestyle Photographer, Tatiana Malysheva - Russia Family Photography

I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University, I worked on television, I have been working with the visual series for over 15 years. Photojournalism is very close to me, both in spirit and in education. When I take photos, I forget about everything: about world problems, pain, fatigue. I just cease to exist in this world as a person and become a photographer. Photography is my life. Even in a dream I shoot. Photography is an uninterrupted way of development. I've been taking photos for over 15 years and I'm not going to stop. My experience is growing, and my life is growing. I live in Prague, the Czech Republic, with the shooting I go to all the countries of Europe - I have shot in more than 25 countries. Also I leave for Russia, Asia, Africa.

Moscow lifestyle photography by Ekaterina Regush of Russia

I came to lifestyle photography for love, and with great pleasure, I am engaged in commercial filming! I bought my first SLR camera in 2008 on credit. It was a tricked-out model from Sony at that time. Filmed mainly on travels, less often took a camera for solo walks around the city. But I did not go beyond the auto button in the settings. In 2012, I got married and from the wedding photoshoot, as well as from her planning, I received incredible pleasure. Since then, professional family filming has become a tradition. When my son was born, I was sorry to miss the important points of his growing up, and the quality of the photo from the phone left much to be desired. So I seriously thought about going to a photo school. And of course, the time of the decree started the process of rethinking the type of activity. I thought about where to go next and how to develop. The decision came in one moment. I was trained in a photo school, at various webinars and workshops. I realized that I like to shoot and what I would like to convey with my photos. If you are close to the idea of ​​my shootings, I will be very glad to cooperate together!