Luca Fazzolari

Luca Fazzolari, Venice Lifestyle Photographer
Photo by: 
Olga Mufel

Luca Fazzolari

Italian Portrait Photographer
5 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

Documenting Life's Stories: Storytelling Lifestyle Photography

Venice captured my attention many years ago after I started living there at the age of 15 whilst attending an Italian Navy School, after which, I studied economics and worked abroad for several years in IT companies. I returned to Milan where I started my photography business and eventually came back to my favourite city in Italy: Venice. Portraits are a way for me to open a window into one facet of the client's personality. In the preparation part, I like the person talking about her or his interests and about who are the expected viewers and what do we want to communicate to them or to let them think. In Venice, I often work with artists like musicians. And people are interested in events like the bienalle or the cinema film festival.

5 Awards for Lifestyle Photography

2 TOP Lifestyle Photographer Titles

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